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Executive health

Through decades of experience caring for executives, our board-certified doctors know how to keep business leaders healthy.

Our thorough executive physicals and evaluations provide a complete picture of your total health.

You’ll have access to exceptional amenities and highly customized care in a beautiful setting – all supporting your personal well-being.

With days full of meetings, appointments and travel, today’s business executive rarely has a free moment. When there’s so many demands for your time (and so many places to be), how do you make sure your health stays a priority?

Our Executive Health Program works with you so you can stay energized and focused on the things that matter. We offer comprehensive executive physicals and consultations that accomplish everything you need in a single visit. We’ll also help you set up flexible, convenient appointments across our team of more than 50 specialties, if needed. Supported by a dedicated team that personalizes your care, you’ll receive individualized attention from our experts in an elegant, modern clinic.

When you see our doctors and specialists, you’re not just making an appointment – you’re connecting to one of the largest, most award-winning health care systems in Minnesota. Our entire team is here to help business leaders like you achieve their best health. That way, you can stay engaged, driven and ready for whatever comes next.

Centrally located in St. Louis Park

Our St. Louis Park clinic is easily accessible from across the Twin Cities and features outstanding amenities focused on your comfort and care.

Executive health services we offer

We understand that busy professionals need to have complete – but efficient – care options. That’s why our Executive Health Program is individually tailored to what business leaders need for a healthy work and home life.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive executive physicals – Our executive physicals are scheduled at your convenience with your choice from among our executive health doctors. Grounded in evidence-based medicine, we’ll perform a full health exam and complete range of tests to dive deep into your current well-being. We’ll also discuss your medical and family history to identify any risks and guide your customized consultations, coaching and ongoing care. You’ll have extended one-on-one time with your doctor, so you can get thorough answers to all your health care questions.
  • Fitness consultations – Informed by testing, our fitness specialists will give you unique feedback on how to build or sustain your personal fitness level, including aerobics, flexibility and strength. Centered on your lifestyle and goals, we’ll also recommend – and connect you with – programs and resources that suit your individual needs.
  • Nutrition coaching – The right nutrition is essential to maintaining healthy habits, at both the office and your home. As part of evaluating your total health, our registered dietitians will look at what you’re eating and give expert, realistic advice for keeping a balanced diet.

Enhanced primary care with Executive Health Plus

With Executive Health Plus, you’ll get continuous support in reaching all your health goals by partnering with our executive health team for your primary care.

Using the results of your initial evaluation, we’ll build a strategic, ongoing care plan that incorporates evidence-based advice, coaching and screenings. You’ll also have quick access to same-day appointments when you’re feeling sick or want your care team’s guidance on a health question or concern.

To get more information on Executive Health Plus, call us at 952-993-0425.

Membership-based medicine through our Compass Program

For the busiest business leaders or anyone with complex health care needs, our concierge medicine program – Compass – provides an exceptional level of attention, day or night. Expert medical advice for any situation is never far away when you have 24/7 access to an experienced care team focused on your personal needs.

What to expect at your executive health appointment

We’ll maximize the time you spend you with us to help keep your daily schedule on track, only performing the exams and tests appropriate for your personal health. Your complete visit will take no longer than a single morning.

Our St. Louis Park location is centrally located in the Twin Cities and close to Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport. When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll park in convenient, reserved spaces just steps away from our clinic (valet parking is also available). Our executive waiting area was designed with your comfort in mind and includes a broad selection of nutritious snacks and delicious coffees. We also offer a large restroom with private showers for business leaders on the go.

Your executive health exam will be organized around your particular needs and preferences, but it will likely include the following assessments:

  • A thorough physical exam – We’ll address any current concerns you have as well as assess your vital signs, vision, hearing, breathing and overall general health.
  • Medical and family history discussion – Informing your future care, this in-depth discussion will focus on your lifestyle and any medical events you (or your family) have experienced in the past.
  • Comprehensive laboratory tests – We’ll evaluate a wide variety of health indicators, such as your complete blood count (CBC), cholesterol screening, thyroid levels, glucose levels and more.
  • Additional tests – Depending on your age, gender, risk profile and clinical exam, we may recommend added testing, like X-rays, an MRI, urinalysis, cardiovascular tests, a colonoscopy, bone density scanning, a pap test, a mammogram or prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening. We’ll explain our suggestions and help connect you with the right follow-up care.

These assessments will provide a clear, detailed picture of your health. They’ll also point out where we should go next with your care. Your personal, evidence-based consultations may include:

  • A physical fitness review – We’ll discuss your test results, exercise habits and ways you can build a healthy level of fitness into your everyday routine. When indicated, we’ll also perform a VO2 max treadmill test to gain further, detailed insights into your cardiorespiratory fitness.
  • A nutrition evaluation – We’ll review your eating habits, go over customized diet recommendations and discuss ways to ensure you’re getting needed vitamins and supplements.

If you need additional referrals to any of our specialists, we’ll coordinate your care and help set up appointments that work with your schedule.

After your visit, we’ll follow up with you to provide a detailed summary of your results and help ensure you understand them. We’ll also be sure to let you know when it’s time to come back in for checkups or screenings.

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