Getting together to do good for our community

Throughout the year, we host or support different events to bring our community together and turn the spotlight on crucial areas of health care need. Our events are times for celebration, fellowship and renewed commitment to our mission of better health and well-being in western Wisconsin and the St. Croix Valley.

We invite you to attend, donate, sponsor, volunteer or help organize. No matter how you want to contribute, there’s always a way to show your support. If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering or sponsoring, please call us at 715-268-0303.

What a wonderful way to spend a cold winter evening. On Jan. 31 we raised our paintbrushes while raising funds to purchase local artists’ work for our facilities. The event raised over $7,000.

As part of our commitment to better mental health in and around Amery, we’re proud members and supporters of the Mental Health Task Force of Polk County.

Every year, the Task Force organizes the Polk County Suicide Awareness Walk. Participants can create a team, donate, walk, run or roll to help fight the epidemic of suicide. You can learn more at the Mental Health Task Force of Polk County website.