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Community engagement

Committed to making good happen.


We are 26,000 people who believe in the power of good – of good deeds, good feelings and good people working together. Because when you have a true partner in health, you’re empowered.

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Because health happens outside the doctor’s office

Getting good care in a clinic or hospital is important. But, it’s only a small part of what makes us healthy. Health also has to do with a good education, a good environment and a good community. That’s why we’re committed to working with those who are making good happen all around us.

Six ways we make good happen

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Healthy children

We draw from the wisdom of families and schools to provide good starts and bright futures.

Our commitment to kids

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Mental health

We say it’s good to talk about mental illness and time to end the stigma.

Mental health awareness

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Nutrition and fitness

We make nutrition and physical activity a priority to strengthen lives and communities.

Physical activity and nutrition


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Health equity

We work to put good care and coverage within the reach of every person.

Care and coverage for all

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Wellness and prevention

We support good health and well-being to prevent disease before it starts.

Prevention and well-being

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Research and education

We commit to strong teaching and research as a good investment in health.

Teaching and research

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Spotlight on nutrition and fitness

Get moving with the Sportsology exhibit sponsored by HealthPartners at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Kick a soccer ball, learn about nutrition, and see what it takes to be a great athlete. The Sportsology exhibit is on display now.

Learn about the exhibit


Health is 20% care, 80% community

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