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Getting a good night’s rest

When you constantly feel tired, it can affect more than just small daily tasks. Over time, lack of sleep can affect your health. You are not alone if you are unable to get a good night’s rest. You can get the right kind of care. Our specialists will help you sleep for better health. We determine the reason you’re losing sleep and offer innovative treatment options to help you get rested.

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Treating common sleep disorders

Sleep disorders affect every person differently, so it’s important to have a customized care plan. We take time to understand your sleep issues so we can recommend the best treatment option. We have a variety of specialists ready to provide care for sleep issues like:

  • Sleep apnea/snoring
  • Insomnia
  • Shiftwork disorder
  • Narcolepsy
  • REM sleep behavior disorder
  • Restless leg syndrome
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Support throughout the sleep journey

You need the right care team to help you start your sleep journey. For many people, the journey starts with a sleep study. Your sleep specialist may also recommend things like cognitive behavioral therapy or alternative interventions. If you need something more complex like surgery, we are here to support you. At HealthPartners, we have a team of expert sleep doctors and supporting specialists ready to provide care.

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