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Online account terms and conditions

(Please note: If you’re a HealthPartners UnityPoint Health member, your plan is underwritten and/or administered by HealthPartners UnityPoint Health, Inc. or through its subcontractor HealthPartners Administrators Inc., which is a part of the HealthPartners family. When you select certain sublinks on this page, you may be redirected to a website to view content and information applicable to you as HealthPartners UnityPoint Health plan member.)

Effective as of March 24, 2022

The following terms and conditions govern your use of an online HealthPartners patient and/or member account, for which you can register or sign in here.

Website terms of use and privacy policy

The general website terms of use and privacy policy also apply to your online account.

When also applicable, additional specific terms and conditions related to appointment scheduling, email notifications, text alerts and going paperless also apply to your online account and supplement the information below.


HealthPartners uses technical, procedural and physical safeguards to protect the privacy of information shared through your account. Be aware that messages sent to and from your personal email may not be as secure as information shared through your account. You should also not share your sign-in credentials (username and password) with anyone else that you are not comfortable seeing your information. You can change your sign-in credentials at any time in your account settings.


You must provide us with a valid email address in order to open your account. Unless you opt out, we may use this personal email address to send you health reminders, educational reminders and, if you are a HealthPartners patient, clinic messages that direct you to a secure mailbox within your online account. We may also send news about your health plan, services and providers, as well as other communications. You can control what categories of information we send to your personal email address in your account settings.

If the email address you provide is shared by family members or friends, then know that they too will have access to information we send you. In addition, we’ll also use the email address you provide to help reset your password and retrieve your username.

Summary of benefits and coverage

If you’re a HealthPartners member or participate in a HealthPartners-administered health plan, you can see your summary of benefits and coverage and other information in your online account. You might see different details in your account than you do in your official plan documents. If you do, keep in mind that your official plan documents govern.


Your account isn’t intended to be used if you need urgent medical care of if you have an emergency. If you have an emergency, call 911.

Appointment reminders

If you’re a HealthPartners patient, when you schedule an appointment at one of our clinics, our goal is to give you the care you need when you need it. This may mean we’ll call you for more information or to change your appointment. We’ll call you at the phone number you gave us when you set up your online account. You can update your phone number at any time in your account settings.


Similarly, we’ll use information you give us when you schedule an appointment with one of our clinics to find your medical record, if you have one with us. If you don’t have a medical record with us, we’ll use the information you provide to create one.

Mobile phone number

If you give us a mobile phone number, you also give us permission to call you on that number and to receive brief text messages that relate to your relationship with HealthPartners. You may be responsible for any charges or fees for the text messages. If you don’t want your mobile phone number used for these purposes, you can opt out at any time by changing your account settings or by replying “Stop” to one of our text messages.

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