A Patient’s Story

When you’re faced with a life-altering diagnosis, it’s easy to feel like you’re all alone.

Steve had enjoyed an active life, with a career in sales that took advantage of his positive, high-energy personality. Steve and his wife, Judy, were looking forward to retirement when he began to experience odd symptoms that he hadn’t had before. Several years and many doctors later, the news came – Steve was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Like many of us, they turned to the internet for more details about the diagnosis, but didn’t find much comfort. “After I was diagnosed, Judy went online and it looked bad,” Steve shared.

That’s when Steve and Judy were referred to Struthers Parkinson’s Center. At Struthers, Steve got started right away on a treatment plan that included integrated medical care and advanced therapies. And Steve had access to something even more important – the knowledge that he’s not alone.

"We've learned so many things because of Struthers. They are a Center of Excellence and really go the extra mile. We feel lucky to have found them."

–Steve, patient

“One of the best things I’ve experienced at Struthers is the Focus program for recently diagnosed patients,” Steve said. "You’ve just received this diagnosis, and it helps you realize you’re not alone – you get to meet other people that are facing the same thing.”

Now, Steve visits Struthers often for his medical care, as well as special services, like a Parkinson’s exercise plan tailored just for him by Struthers' physical therapists. He enjoys boxing, yoga and other exercise programs customized to meet his needs, and feels safe with the knowledge that there is a team available to provide whatever support he needs. “If you need someone, they are just a phone call away,” Judy said.

Many of the programs Steve enjoys are open to partners as well, allowing Steve and Judy to spend time together exercising and taking part in Struthers wellness programs and other special services. “Parkinson’s is not a one-person disease,” Judy shared. “It affects the whole family. Struthers encourages caregivers to take part.”

When asked how they’re doing today, Steve and Judy agree that they’ve come a long way from that first internet search. They said, “We have real hope for the future.”