How we’re putting your gifts to work

Whether your gifts go to programs inside our facilities or out in the community, they help hundreds of people throughout the St. Croix Valley lead healthier lives. We’re proud to partner with service organizations, businesses, schools, faith communities and others to deliver better health care and services to members of our community who need it most.

When you make a gift to the Lakeview Health Foundation, you’re helping us invest in a brighter future for everyone. Every program, initiative or scholarship we fund depends on your continued support.

Our funding priorities at Lakeview Health Foundation

Lakeview EMS is the primary EMS provider for a geographical area spanning over 300 square miles which includes over 125,000 residents.  That’s a lot of miles on each ambulance we have in our fleet.  As well maintained and cared for as they are, they do wear out and need replacement. That time is now.

We invite you to watch this video to better understand the impact your contribution can make!

Your unrestricted gifts go where they’re needed most. With your contributions, we can respond quickly and flexibly to provide crucial resources that help promote health and well-being.

Through the greatest needs fund, we’ve been able to enhance the patient experience by updating medical equipment used at Lakeview Hospital and HealthPartners Clinic Stillwater, organize improved clinician training, provide healing services, like gardens and music therapy, and much more.

Health experts predict that children today will have less healthy lives than their parents – unless something changes. Lakeview Health Foundation is helping create that change head-on.

PowerUp is a community-wide health initiative inspiring kids and families to eat better, move more and feel good. We partner with schools, families, organizations and the entire community to organize classes, events, activities, education and more. Together, we’re focused on empowering kids to reach their full potential.

Many people struggle to afford prescriptions when they also need to pay for food, their home, utilities, childcare and other expenses. That means people who need vital medications often end up going without them.

We developed the Prescription Assistance Program to help qualifying individuals get their prescriptions filled at low or no cost. By providing these essential medications, we can remove some of the burden on patients so their prescriptions can be one fewer thing to worry about.

Cancer can be a life-changing diagnosis, stopping patients and families in their tracks as they look for care and guidance on what’s next.

Lakeview Hospital is home to an exceptional oncology program that combines Twin Cities medical expertise with a small-town feel. The Lakeview Health Foundation supports patients and their families by improving access to cancer care resources and providing personal touches that make the cancer journey easier.

Faith Community Nurse Program

The St. Croix Valley Faith Community Nurse Program is a health care ministry providing physical, emotional and spiritual care for local congregations in partnership with Lakeview Hospital. Faith Community nurses are Lakeview Hospital employees who serve area churches.

The role of the nurse varies from place to place, depending on the needs of the church. Nurses may serve as health educators, health counselors, volunteer coordinators, interpreters of the health-and-faith relationship, referral sources or health advocates.

Healthy Beginnings Program

The Healthy Beginnings program helps women achieve a healthy pregnancy and birth by providing comprehensive care and support to pregnant women who are experiencing substance abuse issues, mental health issues, homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, and/or other complex psychosocial issues.

Our scholarship program was established to assist local students who are pursuing an advanced education in medicine or nursing. Over time, the program has expanded to recognize the ongoing needs of both our community and our hospital for qualified, compassionate health care delivery professionals. Scholarship Application 2023 (PDF).

Community grants

To form partnerships that improve the health and well-being of our area, we make grants to local organizations. Our grant making empowers our communities and builds momentum for innovative programs and services that make a direct impact on local health issues.

Grants are paid out of Hospital funds, but all correspondence and proposals should be sent to the Lakeview Health Foundation office. Grant requests are reviewed once per year in February. The deadline to apply for a 2023 grant is December 16, 2022. For more information, please see the External Grant Application 2023 (PDF). Grants must address at least one issue from our most recent Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF).

Discover the impact of your support

In 2021, donors like you gave over gave over $2.5 million to support programs and services that help St. Croix Valley residents enrich their health. We’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve been able to accomplish together, all thanks to your gifts.

Your generosity has supported critical community programs, including:

Telemedicine and Mental Health

Our mental health programs focus on achieving the best health outcomes, improving access through Telemedicine and reducing the stigma around mental health with the Make It OK campaign. The goal of Make It OK is to clear the way for honest conversations. By doing so, we can fully support one another and make treatment more accessible for everyone.

Hospice/Home Care/Palliative Care

Lakeview's Homecare, Hospice, and Palliative Care program provides convenient, cost effective home care and hospice services to residents of the St. Croix Valley and Western Wisconsin. The goal is to provide the highest quality of care to our patients as their needs change throughout their lives.

Diabetes Education

The Diabetes Education Program helps cover the costs for patients who are participating in Diabetes Education and who don’t have insurance or have limited coverage.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is our dedicated practice of combining the best evidence-based therapies to support the holistic health and well-being of our patients. It’s healing in body, mind and spirit.

Learn more about the impact of your support

To learn more, read the Lakeview Health Foundation 2021 Annual Report (PDF)