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International Development

HealthPartners has been active in Uganda since 1997 as part of our global social responsibility

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Since 1997, HealthPartners has leveraged its expertise to develop a health cooperative model based on existing systems and financed by local stakeholders that allows community members in resource poor areas to overcome their health challenges. Local stakeholder capacity is built to identify and meet their health care needs. Co-op members and health care providers are supported to develop partnerships with measures of accountability. HealthPartners builds the capacity of health care providers to manage health coop partnerships for increased access to care with improved health outcomes. Health care providers and co-op stakeholders are trained to use data to make results-based decisions. HealthPartners sustainable health cooperative development strategies focus on women and vulnerable populations using community-based approaches and that lead to strong networks between public and private partners that enable them to meet their needs in ever changing environments. Better access to quality preventive care with more accountability means improved community health outcomes. We developed a cooperative health financing model that empowers over 50,000 members to access health care in rural Uganda.

Learn more about the benefits patients and doctors receive from joining the health co-op in Uganda.

Funding provided by: The United States Agency for International Development

man teaching others
"Village savings and loan associations helped us learn to work together to save money for health. Now I have more time to give back to my community as a village health team volunteer."

Watch a video

Watch this video to learn more about HealthPartners work in Uganda.


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Keneema Joseline's story

Hear from the main caregiver in a family of 6 about how the Sigirira Twetambire health co-op protects her and her family.

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