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Our Twin Cities spinal fitness program helps your neck and back stay healthy without the need for ongoing medical care.

Help chronic back pain with the CORE Program

PNBC CORE is a program that helps you maintain your spinal strength. The goal? Building spinal fitness and preventing back pain in the future. That way, you can work, play and live your life to the fullest.

CORE is available for patients who have completed the PNBC physical therapy program. It’s also available for their spouses.

How does CORE work to prevent back pain?

In the CORE program, you’ll continue strength training and exercises tailored to your needs. CORE members usually do 20 to 30 minute strengthening exercise sessions twice a week. Like in a health club, members can use the exercise equipment without an appointment.

The CORE program uses specific exercise equipment that targets the spinal muscles. It’s offered at five locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area:

How much does CORE cost?

CORE members pay an out-of-pocket membership fee. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. You may be able to use your flex spending account or medical savings account. And you may also be able to get a wellness reimbursement through your insurer. If you have HealthPartners insurance, you can get money back through the HealthPartners Frequent Fitness program.


  • $48 plus tax Single Membership
  • $80 plus tax Member plus spouse

Annual (15% discount applied)

  • $490 plus tax Single Membership
  • $815 plus tax Member plus spouse

Get in touch


Interested in the PNBC CORE program? Call 651-735-2225 or email a CORE coordinator.

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