Classes and events

TRIA classes and events

At TRIA, we offer a variety of seminars, classes and other events for education and support. Our goal is to keep you active and healthy, so whether you want to improve your marathon training or you’re preparing for a surgery, check out our upcoming events.

Therapeutic yoga

Therapeutic yoga is a gentle yoga class with a focus on breathing techniques, relaxation and stress relief. Join us for slow, mindful movement, utilizing props such as blankets, chairs and blocks for comfort and support. This class is great for beginners who want to learn fundamental movements and breathing, as well as advanced yogis looking to balance their more intense workouts with a slower-paced activity.

Online joint care seminar

It’s common to have questions about your treatment options for joint pain. Our orthopedic surgeons put together a video series where we walk you through the need-to-knows about joint care. We talk about chronic joint pain, nonsurgical treatments, types of joint replacements, recovery and more.