Our commitment to providing a healthier and cleaner community.

As one of the largest health care organizations in our region, we have the responsibility and an opportunity to be good stewards of our environment. From the power sources we use, to the purchases we make, we are on a journey to implement practices across our organization that promote health by protecting the environment. Read our sustainability report that shows the progress we are making to strengthen green practices across our organization and how that is also helping to make care more simple and affordable.

Safe medication disposal
  • Our medicine take-back program has disposed of 22,000 pounds of medication the right way.
  • More than 17,000 people used the medicine take-back program since the program began in 2011.
  • HealthPartners offers 25 total collection sites in St. Cloud, the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin.
Going paperless
  • More than 437,380 pounds of organics were diverted from trash to organics and food waste recycling programs in 2018 at our administrative building, Lakeview Hospital, Regions Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Park Nicollet St. Louis Park Main Clinic Campus, Melrose Institute and Hudson Hospital.
  • We kept over 4,250 tons of materials out of the landfill in 2018, saving the organization over $300,000.
  • Our ORs removed over 470 tons of materials from the waste stream in 2018, for a savings of $1,900,000.
  • In 2017, we donated over 70 tons of unused medical equipment, supplies, and office furniture to our nonprofit partners and mission groups.
Green teams/culture
  • We have 23 Green Teams and sustainability work groups across our organization that work hard on leading our sustainability initiatives
  • Green teams are based at our administrative building in Bloomington, Hudson Hospital & Clinic, Lakeview Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Regions Hospital, Westfields Hospital & Clinic, Amery Hospital & Clinic and we have several green teams for our clinics.
  • We’re leaders in the sustainability community. HealthPartners was the first health system in Minnesota to sign the Health Care Climate Council declaration. We’re also in leadership roles at many local, state and national groups including the MN Sustainable Growth Coalition, HEARRT, Clean Air Minnesota, the Woman’s Environmental Network and the MN Waste Wise Foundation.
  • Check out more about our culture of sustainability in the 2017 HealthPartners Annual Report
  • HealthPartners won the 2019 System for Change Award for our comprehensive sustainability program for the fifth year in a row.
  • HealthPartners has received high honors nationally from Practice Greenhealth, the leading health care sustainability community, winning 29 awards in 2019. Including Top 25 Environmental Excellence Awards for Hudson Hospital & Clinic, Lakeview Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Regions Hospital and Westfields Hospital & Clinic, and eight Circles of Excellence Awards for outstanding performance in eight different areas.
  • Westfields Hospital & Clinic, Hudson Hospital & Clinic, and Amery Hospital have all received the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Green Masters awards.
  • In 2017 Amery Hospital & Clinic became the only hospital in the world to win the Audubon International Sanctuary designation. In 2018, Westfields Hospital & Clinic joined the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program.