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We’re proud to present Off the Charts: Examining the Health Equity Emergency. This diversity and inclusion podcast asks candid questions about what equity means for health care. Join hosts Kari Haley, MD, and Steven Jackson, MD – plus leading guest experts – as they:

  • Dig into social determinants of health
  • Examine the past, present and future impact of disparities within health care
  • Talk about ways to help yourself, friends and neighbors take action, create change and find better health

Through open dialogue and conversations, we’re helping expand the definition of healthy communities.

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Awareness for mental health services in the U.S. has increased in recent years, but more work must be done. Over time we’ve learned how to talk about it – and just how important it is to speak up – as one in five people will experience mental illness.

Sarah Cassell, the director of inpatient mental health services at Regions Hospital, joins the show for a conversation about the cultural connection to mental health stigma, the overall increase in the need for mental health services, mental health-related emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic, and much more.

Pregnant patients should feel empowered to have a birth experience that reflects their culture and values. Regions Hospital Family Birth Center was created with that focus – as a place for family-centered care, high reliability and health equity.

LeeAnn Hubbard, MD, the birth center’s medical director, discusses how health equity is the foundation of the facility, its importance in the delivery experience, and the partnership between providers and families.

Kari Haley, MD, is an emergency medicine doctor at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. She’s also an assistant medical director for Regions EMS. A strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, Dr. Haley believes better health care for everyone is only possible when all patients see themselves represented, heard and affirmed.

Steven Jackson, MD, is a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor – and the medical director of patient experience – at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. Committed to ensuring every patient receives the care they need, Dr. Jackson believes cultural humility and a shared curiosity about our differences are key to building stronger communities.

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Being welcome, included and valued is a basic human need and essential to health and well-being. It’s why eliminating inequities is key to building healthy communities.