Developer information for connecting to HealthPartners data

HealthPartners believes its patients and members should be able to use the health tools they prefer to manage their health and well-being. To help facilitate that management, we make some of our data available to health app developers through established API protocols.

We strongly encourage organizations interested in accessing our APIs to review the CARIN Alliance Code of Conduct .

What HealthPartners data your app can access

At this time, your third-party app can access the following data from HealthPartners through our APIs:

  • Patients’ demographic information
  • Information about patients’ primary care providers
  • Information about patients’ documented medical conditions, including allergies
  • Patients’ lab results
  • Patients’ medications
  • Patients’ medical procedure histories
  • Patients’ vaccination histories
  • Patients’ vital signs histories
  • Patients’ smoking statuses
  • Information about members’ HealthPartners insurance plans
  • Medical and pharmacy claims data for members’ HealthPartners insurance plans
  • Clinical data maintained by members’ HealthPartners insurance plans
  • Formulary information maintained by members’ HealthPartners insurance plans
Please note that health plan data sharing with third parties is currently only available for
HealthPartners Medicare members, HealthPartners Medicaid members and HealthPartners members in Wisconsin who purchased their plan through

Access to additional information may be made available over time. Check back for updates.

How to request access to HealthPartners APIs

To request access to our APIs, email us at

After review and approval, you’ll be sent personal credentials for our APIs.

What to include as part of your access request

To help expedite your API access request review, please provide:

  • The name of your company and a link to your website
  • The app(s) for which you are requesting API access, including the platform(s) where the app(s) are available
  • A way for us to access your app(s), either publicly or through some other method
  • A description of which HealthPartners data (see above categories) you intend to use via our APIs and why
  • The post-authenticated URL(s) your app(s) will use

Access request approval criteria

We approve API access on a case-by-case basis. Access cannot be approved for any requests we determine would pose an unacceptable level of risk to the security of personally identifiable information, including protected health information, on our systems.

Using HealthPartners APIs

Our APIs follow HL7® FHIR® 4.0.1 implementation standards:

Resources are available at Epic on FHIR for the following data made available by HealthPartners:

  • AllergyIntolerance – Read, Search
  • Condition (Problems) – Read, Search
  • DiagnosticReport – Read, Search
  • Immunization – Read, Search
  • Medication – Read, Search
  • MedicationStatement – Read, Search
  • MedicationOrder – Read, Search
  • Observation (Labs) – Read, Search
  • Patient – Read, Search
  • Procedure – Read, Search

Need help or have questions?

If you need assistance with HealthPartners APIs, we’re here to help. Just email us at

Before emailing, please see if you can find your answer in the resources above or at .

Revocation of HealthPartners data access

If we determine your continued access to our APIs would pose an unacceptable level of risk to the security of personally identifiable information, including protected health information, on our systems, your API access will be terminated.

If you wish to independently terminate your API access, please email us at

Please note that we do not make any specific uptime guarantees related to HealthPartners APIs, but we do endeavor for our APIs to have as much uptime as possible.