HealthPartners policy platform

Everyone should have affordable health coverage.

Health coverage for all is a key step in reaching the Triple Aim. Future reforms should ensure every person can easily get coverage. Funding sources should be broad-based and equitable.

Payment must reward health and value, not volume.

Linking payment to results will improve quality, safety and health. It will also reduce avoidable care. Policies should reward groups providing high quality services while using resources efficiently. We support new models of care that are consumer-focused, innovative and cost-effective. Payment models should be flexible to support innovation. Prescription drug payment policies should reflect value for those proven clinically- and cost-effective.

Quality, costs and incentives should be transparent.

Key stakeholders should work together to ensure transparency. Consumers should have fast, easy access to information to help in decision-making. We support private/public partnerships for health care measurement. We prefer a single, credible, community-based source. Common measures should allow valid comparisons. We support greater transparency in the pricing of prescription drugs.

Federal and state reforms should ensure competitive, efficient, effective marketplaces.

State and federal regulators need to enable a stable marketplace. This offers consumer choices, affordability and a level playing field.

The public health system should help every person be healthier.

We support health improvement. We focus on tobacco cessation, alcohol moderation, weight management, healthy eating and physical activity. Policies should promote health equity. Special attention is needed to address underlying social impacts. We must also protect the safety net.

Mental health policies should ensure access to the right care at the right time.

Public policy should address gaps in mental health care, primarily community-based support. We advocate for new methods to help those with mental and chemical illnesses. We want to end the stigma that can be a barrier to treatment.

Public policies should ensure all children have a healthy start.

We support policies that ensure every child and family has a chance for the best health and well-being possible. School and community programs should promote healthy ways of living for all kids.

Future health care workforce needs must be addressed in policy decisions.

We support “top of license” use of health care professionals. We support team-based care. This improves patient health and well-being. Public policies should increase licensure flexibility, such as inter-state compacts, to ease hurdles to working across states lines. Education systems should back programs that help meet future workforce needs.