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HealthPartners Institute

Clinical research and education that drives system-wide innovation

HealthPartners Institute does more than clinical research. We look for ways to improve how we care for you while reducing your out-of-pocket costs. We uncover groundbreaking treatments that can lead to better health outcomes. And we work to be a better health care partner for you and the communities we serve.

Each year, our researchers lead hundreds of studies across a variety of health topics including vaccines, diabetes and other chronic diseases, cancer, and dementia.

Our institute’s International Diabetes Center has guided some of the most groundbreaking developments in diabetes care. Our researchers’ work paved the way for the first artificial pancreas to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The hybrid, closed-looped delivery system automatically releases insulin for people with type 1 diabetes based on their blood sugar level.

We’ve also been researching continuous glucose monitoring for years. To make it easier for clinicians and patients to understand the data generated by newer monitors, and use it to better manage diabetes, we helped develop the Ambulatory Glucose Profile.

Now we’re working on integrating profile data with the electronic health record, so data can be even more useful to care teams and patients.