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Preventive care

Make time for preventive care and set yourself up for a healthier future

Prevention is the best medicine, and preventive care is a powerful tool we have in staying healthy and creating a stronger future.

Going to the doctor when you don’t feel sick might not be at the top of your list, but your annual preventive care checkup plays a crucial role in identifying potential health issues early. Preventive care reduces the risk of certain conditions, protects you from diseases through immunization and helps you proactively manage your health – all while typically being covered by insurance.

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Preventive care services include screenings, vaccines and more

Many health services fall under the umbrella of preventive care. Common preventive care examples include:

  • Your annual physical checkup – This is the most well-known aspect of preventive care. A physical exam is paired with health screenings for high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and other health conditions.
  • Cancer screenings – Depending on your age and sex assigned at birth, various cancer screenings are recommended at certain stages throughout your life.
  • Immunizations – Immunizations and boosters for Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), pneumonia, shingles, measles, COVID-19 and the seasonal flu help reduce your risk of illness and help keep your community safe.
  • Health and well-being  tips – You and your doctor will discuss your goals and provide guidance on topics such as nutrition, sleep, movement, stress and relationships.

Ready to start your preventive care visit? You have 3 options to choose from.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to preventive care, and we want it to be easy for you to cross off your to-do list. That’s why we offer in-person visits, our new addition Hybrid Preventive Care, and video visits. With all options, you’ll get the high-quality care you expect from HealthPartners.

  • In-person preventive care visit – Great for both new and current patients, in-person visits allow you to continue care with your doctor or build a care relationship with a new primary care doctor. These visits work well for physical exams, vaccinations, labs and in-person conversations with your doctor.
  • Hybrid Preventive Care – A new, simple and convenient option if you’re new to preventive care or if you just want to save time by doing your assessment online. Start your preventive assessment online. A nurse practitioner reviews your answers and creates a Preventive Care Plan that includes any in-person lab or screening recommendations.
  • Video preventive care visit – Using your phone, tablet or computer, video visits allow you to talk face to face with your doctor. These visits are good for reviewing your lifestyle, refilling medications, scheduling labs and screenings, and discussing any necessary follow-ups.

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