Seasonal allergy treatment video visits

Allergy treatment and relief without leaving your couch

Sneezing, coughing, congestion, runny nose, hives, itchy and watery eyes – and worst of all – absolute misery. When seasonal allergies flare up, you want relief fast. And that’s where video visits can come in handy.

Easy, convenient and personalized, video visits bring your doctor and the unique allergy treatment you need right to you – wherever you may be.

Just like an office visit, your doctor will listen to your allergy concerns and symptoms, ask questions to understand your medical history and work with you to create a tailored treatment plan, when needed. Video visits are billed the same as in-person visits.

Don’t wait to get relief from seasonal allergies. Easy access to quality care is at your fingertips.

What types of seasonal allergies can be treated with a video visit?

Whether you’re hoping to stop allergies before they start or you’re looking for sweet relief, we can treat a range of seasonal allergies, including:

  • Allergies to tree pollens such as oak, poplar, hickory, walnut and ash
  • Allergies to flower pollens such as daisies, goldenrod and chrysanthemums
  • Allergies to grass and weed pollens such as ragweed
  • Outdoor mold
  • Hay fever

In addition to allergy treatment, video visits are great for medication follow-ups. And depending on your health care needs, your doctor may recommend a combination of in-person or virtual visits as part of your ongoing care or treatment plan.

How do you get started with video visits for seasonal allergies? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Make an appointment online for a day and time that works for you. You can also call your local clinic to set up an appointment. Your appointment details, the link to access your video visit, and tools for modifying your appointment will be available through your HealthPartners online account.
  2. Fill out this consent (PDF) and have it ready for your appointment. This gives us the ability to use your information to coordinate care, treatment and more.
  3. About an hour before your scheduled appointment, you will receive an email or text message with an encrypted link to join your visit. When you are ready, click on the link on your mobile device or type the link into your internet browser to join on your desktop. You can also join your visit through your HealthPartners online account.

That’s it! Your doctor will join the session when your appointment begins.

Additional information about how video visits work can be found on our video visits page.

Are there other seasonal allergy care options? There sure are.

If video isn’t the best option for you, you can absolutely make an appointment for a phone call visit. When you call your clinic to make an appointment, just ask for a phone visit.

Is it the middle of the night? Are you looking for a quick online consult and treatment plan so you can be on your way? Whatever your reason, Virtuwell available 24/7 and is always an option too.