Get expert endocrinology care and support at home through video visits

Easy, convenient and personal, video visits bring your endocrinologist and the unique care you need to you – wherever you may be.

Just like an office visit, video visits bring you face-to-face with a board-certified endocrinologist, an expert who specializes in treating conditions such as diabetes, thyroid issues and other hormonal disorders.

During your appointment, your endocrinologist will listen to your concerns and symptoms, ask questions to understand your medical history and work with you to create a tailored treatment plan.

What kind of endocrinology care can you get through a video visit?

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with a hormonal disorder or you’re already working through a treatment plan with an endocrinologist, we offer a range of care options, including:

  • Consults, follow-ups and second opinions for hormonal disorders such as:
    • Type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes
    • Thyroid conditions such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism
    • Low testosterone
    • Adrenal disease
    • Cholesterol (lipid) disorders
    • Growth disorders
    • Metabolic disorders
    • Hypogonadism (little or no sex hormones)
    • Obesity
  • In addition, we offer other ongoing care services to help you manage your condition, including:
    • Education programming
    • Nutrition advice
Schedule a video visit with an endocrinologist
How do you get started with endocrinology video visits? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Call your endocrinology clinic and make an appointment at a time and on a date that works for you.
  2. Before your visit, download Google Duo, which is a free, simple, encrypted and high quality video app that works on computers and smart mobile devices. This is how you and your endocrinologist will see each other face-to-face.
  3. Fill out this consent (PDF) and have it ready when your endocrinologist calls you to start your appointment. This gives us the ability to use your information to coordinate care, treatment and more.

That’s it! Your endocrinologist will call you through Google Duo when your appointment time arrives.