Priorities Wizard: multisite web-based primary care clinical decision support improved chronic care outcomes with high use rates and high clinician satisfaction rates [review] Review uri icon
  • Introduction: Priorities Wizard is an electronic health record-linked, web-based clinical decision support (CDS) system designed and implemented at multiple Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN) sites to support high quality outpatient chronic disease and preventive care. The CDS system (a) identifies patients who could substantially benefit from evidence-based actions; (b) presents prioritized evidence-based treatment options to both patient and clinician at the point of care; and (c) facilitates efficient ordering of recommended medications, referrals or procedures. Methods: The CDS system extracts relevant data from electronic health records (EHRs), processes the data using Web-based clinical decision support algorithms, and displays the CDS output seamlessly on the EHR screen for use by the clinician and patient. Through a series of National Institutes of Health-funded projects led by HealthPartners Institute and the HealthPartners Center for Chronic Care Innovation and HCSRN partners, Priorities Wizard has been evaluated in cluster-randomized trials and expanded to include over 20 clinical domains. Results: Cluster-randomized trials show that this CDS system significantly improved glucose and blood pressure control in diabetes patients, reduced 10-year cardiovascular (CV) risk in high-CV risk adults without diabetes, improved management of smoking in dental patients, and improved high blood pressure identification and management in adolescents. CDS output was used at 71-77 percent of targeted visits, 85-98 percent of clinicians were satisfied with the CDS system, and 94 percent reported they would recommend it to colleagues. Conclusions: Recently developed EHR-linked, Web-based CDS systems have significantly improved chronic disease care outcomes and have high use rates and primary care clinician satisfaction.

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