General information. When you created an account on myHealthPartners, you agreed to certain terms and conditions for using the account. We also informed you of how we will handle your personal information. (You may read the terms and conditions and privacy information you agreed to by clicking here.

When you registered with myHealthPartners, you also chose a username and password.

If you wish to access myHealthPartners in a format specially designed for your mobile device what we will call the "mobile app" -- you need to know the following:

  • Your myHealthPartners user name and password are the same on the mobile app as they are for the full-featured desktop version.

  • If you have a mobile device with a web browser, you may continue to visit and use the full-featured version of myHealthPartners that is designed for a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Some but not all of the features of myHealthPartners are available in the mobile app.

  • HealthPartners will add new features to the mobile app from time to time. You may choose whether to use those features or not.

  • Features on the mobile app will be formatted so that they can be used more easily on your mobile device.

  • If you download the mobile app, you will be asked if you want HealthPartners to send you certain notifications that may be of interest to you. You will be asked to accept or decline receiving notifications. You can manage your notification choices in your device's system settings or similar application.

  • If you download the mobile app, you may choose to receive certain general information through the app without signing in with your myHealthPartners username and password. For example, yumPower weekly healthy tips. Other information specific to you, such as reminder of an appointment or to refill a prescription, will not be sent to you unless you enter your username and password and ask that the information be sent.

  • All of the terms and conditions of participation in myHealthPartners apply to your use of the mobile app.