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Back-to-school health checkups, sports physicals and exams: Get your child ready to learn, grow and play

Your child’s health and well-being are keys to success inside and outside the classroom. When your child feels their best, they learn and play better. In fact, studies show that good health can lead to higher academic achievement, improved performance in activities and sports, and better behavior in kids.

So, what better way to help your child take on the next school year than by getting them in for their school physical and any other checkups they’re due for? HealthPartners makes it simple and convenient to schedule back-to-school needs. Learn what appointments we offer, where you can take your child and what you can expect to pay.

In addition to back-to-school physicals, there are different types of appointments to fit your child’s needs – and multiple clinic locations that make getting in for a visit easy and convenient. Get started by choosing the right type of appointment for your child.

Well-child checkups assess kids’ total health and well-being – and they’re usually 100% covered by insurance. They make sure your child’s development and immunizations are on track, their mental health is good, and they’re fit to participate in sports and activities. If your school-aged child hasn’t had an annual exam in the last year, make a well-child appointment (and bring any sports forms you need signed).

If your child has already had their annual well-child visit, but they need to catch up on vaccines, an immunization-only appointment is the way to go. These visits are scheduled directly with the nurse who will administer the vaccinations, and often take less than 15 minutes.

If your child needs corrective lenses or a vision concern came up during their last well-child visit, an annual exam with an eye specialist is strongly recommended. These appointments include eye health and vision tests, as well as opportunities to get a new or updated prescription.

Studies show that good oral health is linked to better academic performance, so getting your child in for a dental checkup every six months is important. Dental checkups include preventive care like cleanings and fluoride treatments, as well as care recommendations and treatments for specific issues. Call your clinic to schedule today.

We know that it can be tricky to plan care for more than one child at a time. If you need health checkups or other appointments for multiple kids, find a clinic near you and give us a call. We’ll help you get your kids ready for school and sports in a way that works with your schedule.

For your child to participate in school sports, you’ll need to provide an eligibility form signed by their doctor certifying that they’ve had a recent sports physical. Sports physicals involve a physical examination and a review of your child’s medical history to make sure they’re safe and fit for sports or similar activities.

The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages parents to get their children sports physicals as part of their annual well-child checkups. But if you need a standalone appointment, TRIA offers free sports physicals for high school athletes every school year. 2024 sports physical dates will be posted here as soon as they’re available.

If your child is already caught up on their well-child visits, all you have to do is get the eligibility form signed. Just fill out the parent portion of the form, then drop the form off at your child’s clinic. When you drop the form off, tell us if you’d like to pick the form up when it’s ready or have it mailed to you – whichever is most convenient. If you choose to pick up the form, it will be ready in five business days or less.

Download sports physical forms

Back-to-school physicals and checkups: Costs and insurance coverage

Well-child checkups and back-to-school physicals, including sports physicals, are considered types of preventive care – the care we get to check on our health outside of specific events like sickness or injury. Preventive care appointments are typically 100% covered by insurance. If you don’t have insurance, a sports physical may cost around $20-$100, and a general preventive care visit may cost around $400. Those numbers may vary depending on your location and any services that may be needed based on the results of the examination.

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