Back-to-school physicals: Make sure your child is ready to learn, grow and play sports

Your child’s health and well-being are keys to success inside and outside the classroom. When your child feels their best, they’re better learners and players. In fact, studies show that good health can lead to higher academic achievement, improved performance in activities and sports, and better behavior in kids.

So, what better way to help your child take on the next school year than by getting them in for all their back-to-school health exams?

There are different appointment types to fit your child’s needs – and multiple primary care clinic locations that make getting in for a visit easy and convenient. Get started by choosing the right type of appointment for your child.

Is your child all caught up on well-child visits, but you need a form signed for a sport or activity? We got you covered.

Getting sports physical forms signed by your child’s doctor is easy. Just fill out the parent portion of the form, then drop the form off at your child’s clinic. When you drop the form off, tell us if you’d like to pick the form up when it’s ready or have it mailed to you. That’s it!

If your child is scheduled for a post-COVID-19 visit and needs a sports form signed, download the form, fill out the parent portion, and bring it with you to the appointment.

Getting your child back-to-school-ready doesn’t end with a physical exam or getting caught up on vaccinations. Eye and dental health are really important, too. Schedule now by selecting an option below.