Eating disorders self-assessment

Our self-assessment is adapted from the SCOFF Questionnaire. These questions are part of a standard assessment used by doctors to screen someone for their risk of an eating disorder. This isn’t a formal diagnosis. It’s a guide to help you understand if you, or someone you love, should speak with a doctor.

To give yourself a self-assessment, read the questions and answer “true” or “false.”

  1. I make myself sick when I feel uncomfortably full.
  2. I worry I have lost control over how much I eat.
  3. I recently lost more than 15 pounds in a three-month period.
  4. I believe I’m fat, but others say I am too thin.
  5. I would say food dominates my life.

If you answered “true” to two or more of these statements, you might be at risk of an eating disorder. We can help. To get started, make an appointment with Melrose Center for an assessment. We’ll get you answers and start you on next steps, if needed. Our care team including dedicated psychologists, doctors, nurses and many others are here for you.