A hotel employee changes the sheets on a bed.

Hotel Recovery Program

Recover in a hotel after orthopedic surgery

After a major orthopedic surgery, you need high-quality care and the comforts of home for the best possible recovery. But when going directly home after a surgery isn’t an option, staying in a hotel may be just what you need.

TRIA’s Hotel Recovery Program combines the excellent one-on-one care you’d receive in a hospital with the relaxing environment of a hotel. This is usually a more affordable option for our patients compared to recovering in a hospital.

This program was created for those recovering from a total joint replacement and other major orthopedic surgeries. We provide 24/7 nursing care and bring your recovery team to you right in your hotel room, including your physical therapists who will guide you through your exercises. Plus, there’s plenty of space for a loved one to stay with you to provide support and care during the early days of your recovery.

Why choose to recover in a hotel

In addition to the great care you’ll receive as part of our hotel program, there are many other benefits to our patients:

  • It’s more affordable compared to staying overnight in a hospital. Recovering in a hotel is often covered by health insurance and costs less per night than an overnight hospital stay. If you’re not sure what your insurance covers, call the number on the back of your insurance card.
  • You’ll recover in a more comfortable, soothing environment without the noise and foot traffic commonly experienced in hospitals.
  • Convenient locations close to the TRIA clinics mean you’ll have easy access to any next-day in-clinic follow-up appointments.
  • You’ll receive around-the-clock nursing care in the hotel, just like in a hospital.
  • Your physical therapists will come to you and guide you through exercises from the comfort of the hotel.
  • A family member or friend stays with you in your hotel room where they’ll also have a more comfortable experience.
  • Complimentary meals are included for you and your personal coach.

How to know if the Hotel Recovery Program is right for you

Our Hotel Recovery Program may be a good option for most of our patients who have had a total joint replacement or other major orthopedic surgery. However, we recommend recovering in a hospital if you have any of the following health conditions:

  • Acute or significant heart disease
  • Poorly controlled insulin dependent diabetes with an A1C above 8
  • Uncontrolled sleep apnea
  • A body mass index (BMI) of over 42

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