An acupuncturist places an acupuncture needle in a patient's arm.

Integrative medicine

Holistic medicine for improved healing and recovery

When you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, or need options for pain relief, integrative medicine practices can help to improve your recovery. Integrative medicine uses alternative medicine techniques scientifically proven to enhance your body’s natural healing abilities.

At TRIA, we offer a wide range of holistic treatments, including acupuncture and yoga. We’ll work with you to add these therapies into your treatment plan to optimize your recovery process.

"We have already recommended TRIA to friends. I attribute part of my excellent recovery to regular yoga practice before and after surgery... TRIA does a great job in making patients the center of care!"

How integrative medicine is used

Integrative medicine, sometimes called alternative medicine, uses holistic treatments scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, including acupuncture and yoga.

Integrative medicine is often used alongside other treatments to complement your care plan. For example, we could use acupuncture to help with pain management while you’re also being treated with physical therapy and medications.

We might recommend integrative medicine treatments if you’re dealing with chronic pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, fibromyalgia and many other orthopedic conditions.

Integrative medicine treatments

Integrative medicine is typically used alongside other therapies. Depending on your condition and specific needs, we’ll recommend the best type of holistic treatment for you. Our services include:

Acupuncture is an Ancient Chinese medical practice that has been used for over 3,000 years. During acupuncture, thread-like needles are inserted into various trigger points in your body. This stimulates the central nervous system, enhancing your body’s natural healing abilities.

At an acupuncture appointment, you’ll lie on a table while we place several needles in and around the painful parts of your body. The needles are so thin that this procedure feels painless to most patients. Once all the needles are placed, you’ll relax for 10-20 minutes before we remove them.

We may recommend acupuncture for a wide variety of orthopedic conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow and low back pain.

Yoga is a type of mild physical exercise that combines breath control and meditation with specific physical poses. It’s useful in increasing strength and mobility, improving bone health and managing stress. Yoga therapy helps empower a sense of direction, balance and well-being. This is beneficial for all people, but especially those who have neck or back pain, osteoporosis or chronic pain.

We offer four different types of yoga classes:

  • Chair yoga – practiced while sitting in a chair or using the chair for support while standing.
  • Hatha yoga – focuses on physical movements, strength and flexibility. Hatha yoga is the most common type of yoga performed in the U.S.
  • Therapeutic yoga – focuses on breath, relaxation and stress relief. This class is great for beginners, people recovering from injury or who have persistent pain, and those who want to learn the fundamentals.
  • Viniyoga – adapts the movements to your unique needs. Each class offers a welcoming space to discover the building blocks of self-transformation.

We offer private and group classes. Group classes are $15 each, $60 for a package of five and $120 for a package of ten. Private classes are $175 for the initial three sessions and $150 for packages of three follow-up sessions.

All classes are currently virtual. The Zoom link will be sent to your email 15-30 minutes before the start of the class.

TRIA Well consults are great for people of any age who need help with recovering from surgery, or relieving chronic pain, anxiety and stress. We’ll talk to you about your health goals and guide you toward holistic treatments that will be most effective for you. We focus on movement through yoga, nutrition, stress management, meditation, sleep hygiene and pain education.

You’ll focus on the following areas for your treatment program:

  • Education on nervous system and pain response
  • Nutrition education to reduce inflammation and promote healing
  • Guidance on restorative yoga
  • Somatic therapy work (therapy that focuses on the connection between your mind, body, spirit and emotions)
  • Breathing exercises to enhance relaxation
  • Establishing a meditation practice
  • Inner healing through guided imagery and positive affirmations
  • Discussion of other integrative modalities

With the help of our team you’ll create lifestyle changes to restore balance to your nervous system, optimize your daily functions and empower positive change. If you want to learn more about a TRIA Well consult, talk to your doctor. We do require a referral before you’re able to make an appointment with a member of our TRIA Well team.

Our Pain Management Program uses the latest and most effective methods to treat common and complex pain syndromes, including low back, neck and joint pain. Our goal is to improve your quality of life so you can get back to the things you love.

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