A middle-aged woman smiles in a yoga pose during a class.

Pilates program

Incorporating Pilates into your physical therapy

Pilates is a form of exercise designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, balance and posture. One element that sets Pilates apart from other exercises is its focus on enhancing your awareness of your body’s movement. This emphasis on mindfulness is a great bridge to physical therapy, which is similarly based on targeted exercises and understanding how our bodies work and heal.

Our physical therapy treatment plans offer the option to integrate Pilates to help you heal from injury, build strength and control, and achieve your goals.

Is Pilates a good option for me?

The basic principles, exercises and equipment involved in Pilates can greatly complement your physical therapy treatment plan. Your care team can help you understand your options and whether Pilates would be a good fit for your needs. There are many reasons our Pilates program may be beneficial to you, especially if:

  • You enjoy mind-body work
  • Your goal is to return to Pilates after an injury
  • You want to learn how to modify movements and exercises to your current needs
  • You need extra focus and guidance for posture, shoulder blade or core stability
  • You received a recommendation from your doctor

Experts in physical therapy and Pilates

All our physical therapists in the program are trained and certified in the practice of Pilates as a supplemental exercise that can strengthen your physical therapy treatment plan. Our team completes a certain number of continuing-education credits each year to maintain their certification and stay current on the latest evidence-based practices of using Pilates for physical therapy.

We value a collaborative approach, working together with your doctor, athletic trainer and other members of your care team to provide the best treatment for your unique needs and goals.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)