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Looking for a long-lasting relationship with a doctor?

You can have one primary doctor to turn to throughout adulthood. We listen to you, get to know you and help you through common to complex health issues and concerns. You can count on us to help you stay healthy, care for you if you’re sick and can find out what’s wrong when you’re not feeling yourself.

What you can expect

  • A personal and confidential relationship with your doctor
  • All aspects of your care directed by your personal doctor
  • A caring team who knows you
  • The right care at the right time from the right health care professional

Online treatment is available, too

Sometimes, sickness strikes and you just need treatment fast. That’s why our providers recommend virtuwell, our 24/7 online clinic. You’ll get a treatment plan within 30 minutes. At the end of your visit, there’s even an option to send your doctor a record. Visits are $49 or less, and we accept most insurance.

Get online treatment

Wondering what we do?

  • Provide personal and life-long healthy lifestyle counseling
  • Diagnose and treat common and complex illness and disease
  • Help you stay healthy with preventive care including annual check-ups and immunizations
  • Give you the best medical outcome
  • Care for ongoing health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Care for emotional and mental health issues
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