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EDI eligibility-disclaimer

Information presented in HealthPartners Eligibility transaction is subject to change and is not a guarantee of claim payment or considered a quote of member's benefits. All benefits are subject to the terms and conditions (including, but not limited to, authorizations and network requirements) outlined in member and provider contracts. The benefit information presented in the Eligibility transaction represents the member liability assuming all benefit, network and service criteria is satisfied. The Eligibility transaction does not include all of the terms and conditions of a member's benefit plan, or instruct as to when authorizations are needed, or when a practitioner or provider is specifically out of network. The provider or vendor has no authority to make representations to members regarding coverage of items or services displayed through the eligibility transaction.

More specific coverage and benefit information may be available by signing in to HealthPartners Claim Estimator application hosted on the Provider Portal

For additional benefit or coverage questions and information, please call Member Services at 952-883-5000 (or 1-800-883-2177). For MA or Medicare Eligibility call 952-883-7979 (or 1-800-233-9645).