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Our leaders

Mary Brainerd

President, Chief Executive Officer

“It’s during times of change that great organizations rise to the top. At HealthPartners, we’ve got the passion, commitment and talent to meet challenges. We are leaders in the work to transform health care and look forward to partnering with our members and patients on the journey to improved health.”


Photo of Kathy Cooney

Kathy Cooney

Exec. Vice President, Chief Admin. Officer

Photo of Megan Remark

Megan Remark

President, Chief Exec. Officer Regions Hospital

Photo of Steven Connelly

Steven Connelly, MD

Co-Executive Medical Director

Photo of Barb Tretheway

Barb Tretheway

Sr. Vice President, General Counsel

Photo of Andrea Walsh

Andrea Walsh

Exec. Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Photo of Charlie Fazio

Charlie Fazio, MD

Sr. Vice President, Medical Director

Photo of Brian Rank

Brian Rank, MD

Co-Executive Medical Director

Photo of Nance McClure

Nance McClure

Chief Operating Officer

Board of directors

For more than 50 years, HealthPartners has been consumer governed by elected board members who are also our patients and members. Watch video >>

Donald Lewis


Ruth Mickelsen

Vice Chair

James Malecha


Kenneth Thome



Board members

Learn more about our board committees

Board of directors election

Our board of directors is made up of members who use our products and services. They are the people who help bring our mission to life. This year, there are eight open seats on the HealthPartners Board of Directors. Ten people are running for those positions.

Learn about the election

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