Diagnostic imaging

Access the HTDI criteria tool at Medicalis website

Program Summary

HealthPartners recognizes the value of prior notification/decision support for high tech diagnostic imaging (HTDI) services. In alignment with the Triple Aim, HealthPartners has established the Diagnostic Imaging Prior Notification/Decision Support Program. The intent of the program is to encourage a collaborative approach to patient care through the ordering provider’s use of prior notification/decision support, ensuring that the right exam at the right time is being appropriately ordered for the patient.

Ordering providers are required to have a prior notification/decision support tool in place when ordering one of the following exams for a HealthPartners member:

  • CT
  • MRI
  • MRA
  • PET
  • Nuclear Medicine

Providers are able to use one of the following types of prior notification/decision support tools:

  • Web-based via Medicalis Consult Portal
  • Electronic Medical Records integrated
  • Build-your-own

When performing prior notification/decision support, ordering providers are required to submit the decision support number (DSN) to the rendering provider for inclusion on the claim. Please refer to HealthPartners High Tech Diagnostic Imaging administrative policy for more information.

Providers may use the Medicalis Consult Portal as a free web-based solution for HealthPartners members. Click the link to access the Consult Portal: Medicalis Consult Portal.

If you do not use Medicalis and would like more information, please contact Medicalis Support at 1-877-579-5454, Hours of availability 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST.

Please remember to verify the Member’s benefits and network with HealthPartners Member Services at (952) 883-5000 or 1-800-883-2177.

Services that are performed in conjunction with HTDI may require prior authorization. Please verify the coverage criteria prior to providing the service.

For questions on Prior Notification/Decision Support:

Please email us at: HTDI@HealthPartners.com