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Facility Credentialing

HealthPartners has agreements with our contracted health care facilities and vendors that require compliance with established quality and care delivery expectations. In order to ensure adequate compliance with these expectations, the Quality Improvement & Compliance (QIC) department periodically reaches out to providers to gather information that is missing or needs updating. The QIC department is responsible for verifying the following pieces of information:

  • The provider is in good standing with state and federal regulatory bodies
  • The provider has been reviewed and approved by an accrediting body
  • The provider has had an on-site visit by either DOH/DHS or CMS within the past 36 months if not accredited

To complete the credentialing and recredentialing processes fill out the Uniform Facility Credentialing Application and submit it, along with all necessary supporting documents, to HealthPartners.

Use this Facility Credentialing Checklist to ensure that all necessary documents are included with the application so there is not a delay in completing the credentialing and recredentialing processes.

Please reference this FAQ page for questions. You can also reach out to QIC department for clarification.

You can submit the requested documents to us in either of the following ways:

Email: facilitycredentialing@healthpartners.com

Fax: 952-853-8735