Expert care for mom and baby

At the Olivia Hospital & Clinic Birth Center, we combine top medical expertise with a warm and nurturing environment for those precious first days with your little one.

Here you’ll find a care team that treats you like family, private birthing suites with the comforts of home, and a variety of pain management options to help make labor and delivery more comfortable.

We focus not only on your inpatient care, but on providing support throughout your pregnancy and after you return home. From prenatal care before birth to navigating breastfeeding postpartum, we’re here for you and your baby every step of the way.

Your birth, your way

You’ve imagined how you want this day to go, and we’re here to help make that vision a reality. Our private birthing suites are designed for your comfort and are filled with little touches and modern amenities to make you feel at home.

Whether you’re interested in laboring in a whirlpool tub, using aromatherapy or bringing a doula, our team will be by your side to give you peace of mind and expert care.

Our services include:

  • Multiple pain management options, including intrathecal and epidural medication
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Birthing ball
  • Relaxation massages
  • Music therapy
  • Newborn pediatric care
  • Nursing care for you and your baby 24 hours a day
  • Breastfeeding support from certified lactation consultants
  • Follow-up care after birth
  • Celebratory meal

Your care team consists of family practice doctors, specialized birth care nurses, certified registered nurse anesthetists, certified lactation consultants, our dietary team and more.

Many of our team members live and work in our communities, often giving us the privilege of knowing the people who walk through our doors. It’s one of the reasons our patients say the care at Olivia Hospital & Clinic feels so personal.

Pain management

Some women prefer a medication-free delivery while others choose to explore pain management options. At the Olivia Hospital & Clinic Birth Center, what’s important to you is important to us. We’ll help you understand your options and support your preferred birth plan. We offer the following pain management options so you can choose what works best for you throughout labor and delivery:

  • Epidural medication
  • Intrathecal medication
  • Other pain management medications

Our birth center and private birth suites were created with the comfort of moms and families in mind. In addition to free Wi-Fi and cable TV in our birth suites, our amenities include:

  • Private rooms with bathrooms (including shower and whirlpool tub)
  • Glider chair and couch
  • DVD players
  • Beautiful garden views
  • Soothing décor, comfort lighting and other thoughtful touches for a calming environment
  • Celebration meal to enjoy after your baby is born
Breastfeeding support

Research shows that breastfeeding has many benefits for both babies and mothers. But breastfeeding can be an adjustment. It’s our goal to make sure you and your baby get a good start on breastfeeding before you leave the birth center, and that you have our continued support as you adjust to life at home.

We provide both prenatal and postpartum lactation services for patients in Olivia and the surrounding areas. For more information about breastfeeding support or our Outpatient Lactation Clinic, please call 320-523-3469.

What to bring

You’re welcome to bring anything from home that will make your stay more comfortable. Some suggestions include:

  • Favorite pillow
  • Robe, slippers, going-home clothes
  • Nursing bras
  • Toiletries
  • Focal point (picture, locket, stuffed animal)
  • Favorite music
  • Food/beverages from home can be stored in the Birth Center refrigerator
  • Baby’s car seat
  • Baby clothes and blanket
  • Diapers
Celebratory meal

To celebrate the birth of your child, Olivia Hospital & Clinic is pleased to offer the following menu for a fine dining experience in your room.

  • Garden salad
  • Entrees
    • Chicken Kiev on a bed of long grain wild rice, served with California blend vegetables
    • Kansas City Ribs served with baked potato and capri blend vegetables
    • Chicken Alfredo served with sesame asparagus and garlic toast
    • Grilled skewered shrimp served with roasted potatoes and parmesan broccoli
  • Desserts
    • Mini cheesecakes, hot fudge cake or cheesecake
  • Sparkling cider
Safe Place for Newborns

Olivia Hospital & Clinic is a designated Safe Place for Newborns. Minnesota’s Safe Place for Newborns law provides a healthy and anonymous path for mothers to safely give up their newborns. No judgement, no names. Please call us with any questions at 800-916-1836.

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