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Women's sports medicine

Sports medicine designed for female athletes

TRIA’s Women’s Sports Medicine Program is the first of its kind in the Twin Cities. We bring together experts who specialize in treating and training female athletes of all activity levels and phases of life. Whether you're a student athlete, you’re planning to start a family or you’re exercising in your golden years, we’re here to provide innovative care that’s tailored to you.

Female athletes can face unique challenges due to factors like age-related hormone fluctuations and narrower spaces between joints, which can lead to a higher likelihood of certain injuries. Our Women’s Sports Medicine specialists are dedicated to providing real, personalized care to help you reach your goals.

Our Women’s Sports Medicine services

Our doctors and physical therapists are experts in helping you stay at peak performance and manage any injuries. Our specialized program offers a variety of services customized to your unique needs and athletic goals, including:

We’ve created many sports medicine programs to help you get back to any activity you love. Additional programs we offer include our performing arts medicine, Running Program, Patellofemoral Program, Sport Concussion Program and TRIA L.E.A.P. ® (Lower Extremity Agility Program). If you have questions or want more information about our Women’s Sports Medicine services, email us at WSM@tria.com.

Recovering from an injury

Most sports injuries aren’t related to gender, but there are some conditions that women can be more likely to encounter. For example, changing levels of estrogen can affect your bone health, and fluctuations in hormones throughout life, especially during childbearing years, can contribute to certain injuries.

Our specialists understand these medical intricacies and are experts in treating a variety of conditions, including:

  • ACL tears
  • Concerns related to RED-S
  • Joint pain due to joint hypermobility (also called joint laxity)
  • Kneecap pain and instability (also called patellofemoral pain)
  • Stress fractures (maintaining bone health)

One team of experts for all your needs

We take a holistic team approach to health and athletic performance. Our team includes sports medicine doctors, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, a registered sports dietitian, and athletic trainers. All have extensive experience caring for active women and understanding those with conditions relating to joints, muscles, and bones.

Your care team understands that all aspects of an active female’s life, such as nutrition, exercise habits, menstruation, past pregnancy, and joint laxity can impact your recovery. If you’re physically active, you can benefit from our comprehensive, team approach to care.

"Very happy I had my ACL fixed so I could return to playing soccer, running, and lifting. Now, as a pregnant woman, I am very happy my knee is stable and supporting both myself and future child."

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