Message from Andrea

In 2019, we saw our organization change in ways that we could predict – and ways we couldn’t. Yet, the core question – how can we make health care better for those we serve? – remained at the heart of everything we accomplished together. That question has driven our organization for more than 60 years, leading us to set new standards in care and service – and guiding us in our mission to improve health and well-being.

Each year we emerge stronger than the last. This year we realized that held true for us again thanks to you, our members, patients, employees and partners. As we navigate the ever-evolving, at-times complex health care landscape together, we know that we can do better.

Today, more than ever, we know that “better” means making all that we do simpler and more affordable. It’s about offering quality care and coverage that’s convenient and reliable – with costs people can afford, with no surprises. It’s about delivering value in all that we do.

Our team of 26,000 colleagues is rallied around this shared simple-and-affordable goal. We’ve made notable progress, and we’re excited to share our successes with you.

With gratitude,


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