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Expert care for mom and baby during pregnancy, labor and delivery

Pregnancy can be a precious and exciting time. It can also raise questions about how to best prepare for pregnancy and childbirth. As you get ready to welcome a new baby, we’ll support you and your baby’s health from the moment you know you’re pregnant to the moment baby is in your arms.

Over the coming weeks and months you’ll start to make decisions about how you want to welcome your little one into the world. From choosing a doctor or midwife to identifying how you want to approach your baby’s birth to deciding where to deliver, we’re here to help.

At HealthPartners and Park Nicollet, we welcome you and your family with modern spaces, room for extended family and a team that honors personal and cultural preferences. With award-winning birth centers and OB-GYNS, midwives and doulas working together, we honor your birth plan so you can have your birth, your way.

Choosing your doctor

Choosing the right person to help guide you through pregnancy is an important first step. Everyone has a different idea of what the coming months will hold. We can help you find someone who’s the right fit to honor your choices, support you and guide you along the way.


OB-GYNs are doctors who specialize in treating all conditions that affect women’s reproductive systems. Our OB-GYNs and nurse practitioners work together to provide exceptional medical care for all types of pregnancies, including high-risk pregnancies. You’ll get to know the nurse practitioners who work with our OB-GYNs during some of your prenatal appointments. Choosing an OB-GYN for pregnancy care can also help you develop a long-term relationship with a doctor who can care for you beyond pregnancy.


Our certified nurse midwives guide mothers who have low-risk pregnancies through the birth process. When you choose a midwife for your pregnancy, they can support you, your partner and family through all different types of birth plans including water births, hypnobirthing and natural birth. They’re here to offer guidance and emotional support as you prepare for birth.

Family Medicine

Some of our family medicine doctors can also care for women during low-risk pregnancies and will coordinate with our team of OB-GYNs, if needed. This is a great option if you would like to have all your care provided by one person or would like one doctor to see your whole family.

Prenatal care

We can help you get your pregnancy off to a healthy start with prenatal care. Prenatal care includes appointments throughout your pregnancy where your doctor will track baby’s growth and provide you with guidance on nutrition, sleep, exercise and any questions you have.

Our doctors and midwives provide expert prenatal care and flexible scheduling options to help you learn what to expect during pregnancy and delivery.

We also offer midwife-led group prenatal care for you and your loved one where you can connect with others due to deliver at around the same time as you.

Your first prenatal visit

While your first visit is typically around six to twelve weeks, you’re welcome to schedule an appointment as soon as you know you’re pregnant.

Your first prenatal visit is an important milestone in your pregnancy. In this appointment, we focus on you and preparing you for the coming months. It’s typical in this first appointment to receive both a routine physical exam and additional care specific to pregnancy, including a pelvic exam and advice on dietary changes recommended during pregnancy.

We’ll also be able to determine your due date, provide helpful information about choosing a birth center and prenatal classes, and spend time answering your questions.

Labor and delivery options

You deserve to have the delivery you want. We’ll help you understand your care and delivery options and answer all your questions while providing outstanding care for you and your family.

Vaginal birth

A vaginal birth is the most common and usually has the shortest recovery time. We can help relieve some of the pain and discomfort experienced during labor with a variety of options, including everything from epidurals to aromatherapy during labor and delivery. We’ll discuss pain relief options and help you choose what works best for you, whether that’s an unmedicated, natural birth or an epidural, or something in between.

Water birth

Some women choose to deliver in a warm tub of water supported by a midwife. This is called a water birth. Warm water can help soothe discomfort and calm both you and your newborn baby. Some women who aren’t having water births still choose to labor in a tub to help reduce pain and pressure. With modern water birthing suites at our birth centers, we’re here to help make you and baby feel as comfortable as possible while we guide you through labor and delivery.

Cesarean (C-section)

A cesarean delivery, often called a C-section, is when a baby is delivered through a surgical procedure. C-sections are usually recommended if there is a concern about your health or your baby’s health during labor. They are also recommended if baby isn’t positioned properly for a vaginal birth. Our birth teams work with you to provide a family-centered C-section, which means you and your partner will be involved in the process, with skin-to-skin bonding time and breastfeeding, if you would like.

Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)

Many women who’ve given birth via C-section want the option to have a vaginal delivery with their next pregnancy. Up to 80 percent of women have successful VBAC deliveries. We’ve helped thousands of women successfully deliver with VBAC.

Maternal-fetal medicine

We support and care for you during even the most complex pregnancies and deliveries. Our team of board-certified maternal fetal medicine specialists provide expert, specialized care for mom and baby during high-risk pregnancies. If the expertise of a maternal fetal medicine doctor is needed, we’ll help connect you with one so you and your child get the comprehensive care you need at every step of your pregnancy.

Choose a birth center

Choosing a birth center is one of the most important parts of your pregnancy. We’re always working to make labor and delivery more comfortable for moms and babies with our modern facilities, numerous amenities and a variety of birthing options to choose from. We welcome partners, family and doulas in all our birth centers so you have the support you need. Volunteer doulas are also available at some locations if you decide you’d like a doula by your side after arriving.

We are proud to provide many locations for you to choose from across the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin:

Methodist Family Birth Center

Our newly remodeled Methodist Family Birth Center in St. Louis Park provides a comfortable, calm environment for you and your family while providing the exceptional care you deserve. The center was designed using the latest scientific research about what works best for deliveries and input from moms. With four water birthing suites, larger postpartum rooms and recommended classes for new moms including the Mom & Baby Cafe, we have everything you might need as you welcome your new baby.

Register online for a tour of the Methodist Family Birth Center.

Regions Hospital Family Birth Center

At Regions Hospital Family Birth Center in St. Paul, the happiness, health and comfort of you and your family are our top priorities. We focus on honoring your choices and making you and your family comfortable. We offer private birthing suites complete with a private bathroom and soaking tub so you can enjoy the life-changing experience of birth with your loved one by your side. We’re equipped to handle everything from water births to C-sections with skill and compassion.

Learn more about the Regions Hospital Family Birth Center.

Our doctors also deliver at many other hospitals in Minnesota and western Wisconsin:

  • Abbot Northwestern Hospital at the Mother Baby Center
  • Amery Hospital
  • Fairview Ridges Hospital
  • Hudson Hospital
  • Hutchinson Hospital
  • Lakeview Hospital
  • Maple Grove Hospital
  • Mercy Hospital at the Mother Baby Center
  • St. Cloud Hospital
  • St. Francis Regional Medical Center
  • Westfields Hospital
Choose a doctor for your baby

Baby will need their first pediatric visit within a week of being born. As part of the largest pediatrics practice in the Twin Cities, we care for kids of any age at many clinics throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Finding a doctor for your baby who you can trust is important for your child’s development and well-being. The right pediatrician will be there to listen to your concerns, answer questions and offer guidance as your child grows. While in the hospital, your baby will be cared for one by one of our pediatricians.

Our services

Each pregnancy and delivery is unique. We provide a variety of different services to help you find support and guidance as you prepare for motherhood. Some of the services we provide include:

BabyLine, our 24/7 OB-GYN nurse line

Our OB-GYN nurses are here to guide you throughout your pregnancy and after you bring baby home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can call us with questions about pregnancy symptoms, activities and foods to avoid, postpartum essentials, breastfeeding concerns and when to seek care for yourself or your little one.

Local: 612-333-2229
Toll free: 800-845-9297
TTY/TDD: 711

Breastfeeding support

If breastfeeding is right for you, we offer the education and support you need to make breastfeeding a positive and rewarding experience for you and your baby.

  • Lactation consultation – Our board-certified lactation consultants and registered nurses work with you to provide personalized support for you and your baby. Make an appointment with a lactation consultant by calling 952-993-5124.
  • Breastfeeding Center – We rent and sell electric breast pumps, and provide complimentary, professional instruction. We also offer manual breast pumps, replacement parts and supplies, including nursing bras. Call 952-993-3121 for more information about breastfeeding products. 
  • Mom and Baby Café – We provide free breastfeeding support groups where you can connect with other new moms and share tips on how to care for your babies. Here, you’ll be able to spend time feeding baby while enjoying a snack yourself. Drop in to the Mom and Baby Café every week at HealthPartners Como Clinic, Methodist Hospital, Lakeview Hospital or Amery Hospital & Clinic. 
  • Breast Milk Depot – Methodist Hospital offers a Breast Milk Depot that connects women with an abundant supply of breast milk with babies in need. If you’re interested in becoming a donor or purchasing donor milk, contact the Breast Feeding Center at 952-993-5124.
Healthy Beginnings

The Healthy Beginnings program provides support to patients during pregnancy who face challenges with substance abuse, mental health, homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, and other complex issues. The program offers education, referrals, resources and provides the medical team with case consultation and support.

Postpartum screenings

Pregnancy and birth can be emotional, and some women experience changes to their emotional and mental health. We care about your emotional and mental health as much as your physical health. After you give birth, we make sure you have a screening for postpartum depression so we can connect you to support groups and our mental health experts if needed.

Track your pregnancy with our free app

Download our free myHealthyPregnancy app powered by YoMingo for important anytime, anywhere parent education and fun extras for every stage of pregnancy, newborn care and more.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

It’s common to schedule your first prenatal visit when you learn you’re pregnant, usually around 8 weeks after your last period. Our team is with you from day one, which means we don’t keep you waiting for answers. You can schedule an appointment as soon as you think you might be pregnant.

Yes. We know that it’s common for new moms to feel a wide-range of emotions from joy to anxiety and sadness. Sometimes, you need extra support to help understand the strong emotions that can accompany birth. We hold twice-monthly support groups led by female therapists to help you connect with other new moms and help you adjust to the new emotions and responsibilities that come with being a mom.

Groups meet at the Park Nicollet Clinic in St. Louis Park. Call 952-993-3307 for more information.

We work with you to make sure you have your birth, your way. Our team is made up of many experienced specialists who use their unique skills to provide the best care for you and your baby. Depending on your birth plan, you might work with:

  • OB–GYNs – Also known as an obstetrician–gynecologist, this is a doctor who specializes in treating female reproductive organs and delivering babies. 
  • Perinatologists – Board-certified obstetricians who’ve had specialized training in maternal-fetal medicine and are experts in caring for high-risk pregnancies. 
  • Certified nurse midwives – Health professionals who specialize in low-risk pregnancies and childbirth. Our midwives are part of the longest-standing midwife practice in the Twin Cities.
  • Labor and delivery nurses – Registered nurses who specialize in caring for expectant mothers through labor, delivery and postpartum.
  • Certified lactation consultants – A healthcare professional who provides training and support to mothers learning how to breastfeed.
  • Pediatricians – Doctors who specialize in helping keep kids of all ages healthy through well-checks, and treating illnesses and injuries as they arise.
  • Mental health specialists – Our mental health specialists are experts in screening and treating all mental health conditions, including post-partum depression.
  • Doula – Someone who provides physical, emotional and informational support to a mother and family before and during birth. Volunteer doulas are available at some of our locations to help you feel comfortable and supported during delivery.

We accept most health insurance plans, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, CIGNA, HealthPartners, Medica, Medicare, PreferredOne and many others.

Not sure what your insurance covers? Call the number on the back of your card for help looking at your options.

Don’t have your card in front of you? Here are member services numbers to help you get started:

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