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Little Partners℠ Dental Benefit

Healthy teeth, right from the start. We’re here to help.



Little PartnersSM Dental benefit

Kids 12 and under get 100 percent dental coverage. That means no cost for things like cavities and no worry for parents. It comes with many of our plans automatically.

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Dental tips

Brushing, flossing and seeing a dentist help keep teeth healthy. As kids grow, care changes. Learn care tips for every stage.

Get a checklist for each age


Little Partners Dental benefit

Little Partners provides 100 percent dental coverage for kids 12 and under when they see a network dentist. The benefit comes with many HealthPartners dental plans. Ask your human resources team or contact member services to see if Little Partners is part of your plan.

Pregnancy and dentistry

Is it safe to get X-rays when you’re expecting? Should you even see the dentist when pregnant? Those who are pregnant are at greater risk of certain dental problems. Discover what you need to know when you’re expecting.

Learn about dental care when you’re pregnant

Here to help you

Whether you are looking for insurance, want to know if insurance is right for you or simply need help finding a clinic or orthodontist, your HealthPartners Dental team is here to help!

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