HealthPartners insurance plan documents

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When it comes to having an insurance plan that works for you, it’s all in the details. Your insurance plan documents contain all the fine details of your plan, including benefits, what’s covered, legal information and more. Your plan documents also include a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), a document that’s less detailed and easier to read, helping you better understand your plan.

To find your insurance plan documents, choose the type of plan you have below. If you aren’t sure, check your member ID card or contact Member Services.

All small employer plans have 50 or fewer employees.

Understanding your Summary of Benefits and Coverage document

All plans include a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), which is a summary of the plan in plain language. SBCs are a helpful way to see an overview of your plan. And since all health insurance companies are required to use the same format for all SBCs, they also make it easier to shop different plans and compare all your options.

SBCs include a lot of key information about your plan, including an overview of what’s covered and not covered, information on costs you might have to pay (like deductibles and copays), and more.