Group retiree Medicare plans

Whether you’re exploring new hobbies, traveling or simply enjoying more free time, there are so many joys that come with retirement. To take advantage of every minute, it’s important that you find the right health care coverage to make your retirement as comfortable and secure as possible. One way to do this is with a group Medicare plan.

Group Medicare plans are sponsored by an employer for former employees, similar to how employers sponsor insurance plans for current employees. Group Medicare plans combine the benefits of Original Medicare with extra perks that Medicare doesn’t cover, like health and fitness programs, travel coverage, and hearing aid coverage.

All of our Medicare Advantage and Cost plans received an overall Medicare Star Rating of 5 out of 5 for 2022 – the highest score possible. These objective ratings are the result of high marks for quality, customer service and how well we keep members healthy.

To be eligible, you must be retired, enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, and meet any additional requirements set by your company. Additional requirements could include status and length of service, but vary by company.

HealthPartners administers group retiree Medicare plans for several employers. Check with your employer to see if you’re eligible or give us a call at 866-993-7428 (TTY 711).

If you’re not eligible for a group plan, we have many individual Medicare plans to help you find the care and coverage you need.

HealthPartners group Medicare plans perks and benefits

In the same way program eligibility varies by company, every group Medicare plan is a little different when it comes to perks and benefits.

Most HealthPartners group retiree plans include benefits like:

  • 100% coverage for routine preventive care
  • Coverage for office visits, hospitalization and emergency care
  • SilverSneakers® health and fitness program membership
  • Unlimited, no-cost visits to our 24/7 online clinic Virtuwell. At Virtuwell, you can get a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription for more than 60 common conditions – all online with no appointments, waiting rooms or video calls.
  • Travel coverage with in-network coverage for up to nine months of the year when you travel inside the U.S. but outside your network area. You’ll also have access to pre-travel consultations and worldwide emergency and urgent care coverage, with additional assistance available through Assist America®*.
  • Hearing aid coverage through TruHearing®
  • Medicare prescription drug coverage

Check with your employer to see if you’re eligible, or give us a call.

Group Medicare plan resources Network directories
Formularies (drug lists)

Group retiree plans may use Formulary I or Formulary II. If you don’t know which one applies for you, please contact Member Services.

Legal information

Every year, Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-star rating system.

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*Assist America services are only available during the first 90 consecutive days that you're away from your home and all arrangements must be made through Assist America.

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