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Weight loss and bariatric surgery

Weight loss surgery (WLS) is one treatment option offered to patients that meet specific weight classifications. It is intended to provide weight loss sufficient to reduce mortality risk and improve medical conditions when the non-surgical methods of weight loss have failed.

Based upon best practice recommendations, HealthPartners has developed a pre-weight loss surgery curriculum designed to prepare individuals for the lifestyle changes that weight loss surgery requires. This course is required prior to authorizing a weight loss surgery.

Enroll a patient

Weight Loss Surgery coaching provides an evidence-informed, phone-based weight management program facilitated by a registered dietitian and health educator with experience in behavior change and bariatric surgery. This required course is intended to supplement, not replace, any educational visits with individual surgeon groups. We believe that this curriculum, along with our long standing designated network of experienced surgeons, will ensure the best possible outcomes for our members.

Decision support

Either with your assistance or on their own, patients and their families can use the tools and information found at Decision support to make a confident, comfortable choice that is based on their personal values and preferences.

Designated Network Providers

Designated WLS Providers
Designated WLS Counties - for specific geographic areas