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Disease and case management

Support for our members

Our experienced care navigators take each member’s unique preferences, health status, social determinants of health, language and cultural background into account when offering one-on-one support. An important strength of our approach is helping members understand and maximize their health plan benefits. Our medical management team works closely with Member Services to ensure members understand their coverage, network structure and potential costs in relation to their health needs.

Services we offer

HealthPartners offers telephonic support for members of all ages who use high-cost services, have multiple health issues, have deteriorating health, or are at-risk for a hospitalization in the next six to 12 months.

These include:

  • Medical disease management (asthma, COPD, CAD, heart failure, diabetes, rare diseases)
  • Complex case management (multiple conditions)
  • Behavioral health case management
  • Medication therapy management (4+ medications)
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Adult obesity counseling
  • High risk pregnancy support

How it works

HealthPartners case management nurses, pharmacists, and behavioral health clinicians work with members between clinic visits to provide complementary support to reinforce provider-established care plans. This includes educating, motivating and engaging them in being activated participants in their own care. We make referrals simple and easy.