“Why can’t it be easier to visit the doctor?” I’ve heard patients say things like that many times before. I get questions like: Why should I have to pull my kid out of math class just to get a prescription refilled? Why should I have to pay the exact same amount for every visit, no matter what I need care for?

Those are great questions. And there’s one really great answer for them all: SmartCare – the clinic where I work.

SmartCare is the modern doctor’s visit

The list of places where you can get treatment for sinus infections, rashes and birth control is long:

  • Nurse line
  • Online clinic
  • Retail store clinic
  • Primary care clinic

But the best parts of all these options are available in one place:

SmartCare Clinic by Park Nicollet combines virtual and real-world doctor’s visits into one. You can video chat or call the same doctor or nurse that you talk to at the clinic. And you get the clearly-labeled prices of a retail clinic.

No transferring medical records every time, no “quick care” – just the best care, every time.

SmartCare lets you call or video chat

It makes sense, right? So we did it. People ages 12 and older can now make a scheduled phone or video visit with SmartCare Clinic by Park Nicollet in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

It’s easy. You schedule an appointment and we’re there on your phone or computer at the scheduled time. That’s it.

It’s a medical clinc that doesn’t close at 4 p.m.

SmartCare is open later than most clinics, just like what you’d find at a shopping center or retail clinic.

SmartCare Clinic is open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays. It’s also open Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon.

You can even see prices

SmartCare starts everything with a phone call. When you call, SmartCare suggests a nurse, physician’s assistant or doctor. We tell you what kind of visit makes sense based on your condition and the type of appointment you need.

For example, you’d visit our St. Louis Park, Minnesota office in person for a physical exam. But you can treat your sinus infection over the phone. You could get a prescription for a pesky rash. You’ll get help from the same place and the same care team.

We also tell you about prices before insurance. So there aren’t any surprises.

Prices depend on the type of provider you see. Here are prices as of June 2018:

Cost of a registered nurse visit

  • Scheduled phone visit: $0
  • Video visit: $56
  • In-person visit: $56

See what conditions a nurse can treat

Cost of a nurse practitioner or physician assistant visit

  • Scheduled phone visit: $33–$94
  • Video visit: $103–$172
  • MyChart e-visit: $34
  • In-person visit: $103–$340

Cost of a doctor visit

  • Scheduled phone visit: $38–$100
  • Video visit: $121–$202
  • MyChart e-visit: $40
  • In-person visit: $121–$401

You’re probably missing out if you haven’t tried SmartCare

SmartCare is a smart choice. Skip the waiting room and talk to your doctor, nurse or physician assistant wherever you are.

The “smart” in SmartCare isn’t just about smart technology. It’s about a well-organized clinic and “continuity of care.” That means as a patient, you see the same care team every time you visit. Continuity of care has been proven to support good health. And SmartCare does this in a really effective way. You don’t have to bounce from retail clinic to online clinic to your regular doctor.

Try SmartCare for yourself

If you live in Minnesota, I encourage you to check out SmartCare. It’s a primary care clinic that values your time and money just as much as your health. We see adults and kids, ages 12 and older.

See what SmartCare is all about

Call 952-993-1190 to make an appointment


SmartCare is now also a smart insurance plan, offering an integrated plan and care system, lower premiums and two new clinic locations in St. Paul and Maplewood.