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Behavioral Health Center

Mental health and chemical dependency treatment in Amery

Changes to our mental well-being can make it hard to feel like ourselves. Feelings of depression or anxiety can keep us from enjoying the things we love or give us trouble getting through the day. At the Behavioral Health Center in Amery, we provide the specialized care you need to take control of your mental health.

Our Behavioral Health Center is located at the beautiful west campus of Amery Hospital & Clinic. We offer the only inpatient treatment program in the northern St. Croix Valley. Our team of board-certified psychiatrists, counselors and other mental health experts are skilled in treating all types of mental health conditions, including alcohol and substance dependency. With care options ranging from outpatient talk therapy to intensive inpatient treatment, we can find the best treatment plan that fits your unique needs.

If your situation is severe, call 911 right away. Or call the Northwest Connections crisis line at 888-552-6642.

What we treat

We offer comprehensive treatment for even the most complex mental illnesses. Conditions we commonly treat include:

  • Adjustment disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression disorders
  • Disruptive behavior disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Substance and alcohol use

Whether you need to talk to someone once a week or need more intensive treatment, we have the treatment options you need so you can feel more like yourself again. Our treatment options include:

Inpatient mental health treatment

For patients who need around-the-clock care, we provide the only inpatient treatment program in the northern St. Croix Valley. Our staff provide full-time support for patients who are experiencing severe mental, emotional or behavioral concerns. This program is distinct from our substance use treatment program and is an acute short-term stabilization plan for people who need 24/7 care, giving them regular access to doctors and specialists.

Our inpatient program provides space and resources dedicated to your healing. The facility includes private rooms with private bathrooms, extended visiting hours (10am-8pm daily) and family-friendly space for visits with loved ones. It also offers a relaxation room with a TV and comfortable seating in addition to a nature mural, as well as a secure outdoor patio where you can step out to get some fresh air. The amount of time spent at inpatient treatment varies from person to person. It usually includes a combination of individual and group therapy, coping and life skills education, medication management, discharge planning, and recreational activities. Your treatment team will talk to you about how long they recommend you participate in inpatient treatment and let you know what to expect. You'll get the best care and the support you need from our inpatient care team, including psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, nurses, clinical therapists, social workers and mental health technicians.

Our goal is to help you live your best life. Because the short-stay program is tailored and unique to each individual's needs, our patients are happy to share their successes and gratitude:

  • "Thank you for helping me get better. You have an amazing staff, clean facility, and the most understanding nurses and doctors I've ever met. Thank you so much!"
  • "This was my first time in a facility like this. I felt very cared about and safe here."
  • "Thank you so very much for the incredible care you provided in the time I spent here. I can say that this was the best care in the world."
  • "You guys are top notch. All staff was incredibly compassionate and very patient."

Outpatient therapy

Outpatient therapy is probably what you imagine when you think of starting therapy. During outpatient therapy, you’ll schedule regular appointments with your therapist. We may treat you with a combination of talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness and other strategies for managing your mental health concerns.

Typically, these sessions are an hour long. You’ll work with your therapist to determine how frequently you need to see them. Many of our patients go as infrequently as twice a month to as frequently as a couple times a week. Our therapists specialize in both individual and family therapy for adults and children ages five and up.

Phoenix group therapy program

For some people, a more intensive, structured type of therapy is the most effective way for them to manage their mental health condition. We provide that option through our Phoenix group therapy program. This is a more intensive type of outpatient therapy where patients attend several hours of therapy a week. We are the leading center in the area that provides this level of specialized mental health treatment. Our Phoenix group therapy program includes group sessions, instruction around coping methods, and self-care techniques. This program also offers psychiatric medication management when this is a treatment need indicated as part of developing the most effective treatment plan for your unique needs.

Our Phoenix group therapy program tends to be a good fit for adults who have severe mental health concerns and need more personalized care to manage their illness. If you’re not sure what type of outpatient therapy will work best for you, don’t worry. Our mental health experts will evaluate your condition and guide you toward the treatment that will be the best fit.

Alcohol and substance use recovery

All of our patients in recovery from alcohol and substance use have one thing in common, they didn’t think their drinking or substance use was a problem. They thought they could manage the consequences on their own. But alcohol and substance use can harm our relationships, careers, finances and physical health. It’s important to reach out for the treatment you need to overcome these struggles.

We provide alcohol and substance use treatment for adults through Programs for Change. We’ll assess your situation and identify when alcohol or substance use has become a dependency. We offer compassionate and non-judgmental guidance to help people break free and live a healthy, happy life.

Determining each individual’s needs is a complex process. In order to participate in Programs for Change, each patient needs to complete an intake assessment with one of our counselors. To schedule an intake assessment, call 715-268-0060.

Call to make an appointment

To schedule your first appointment, give us a call.

  • For outpatient services, including individual therapy and our Phoenix group therapy program: 715-268-0060
  • For inpatient therapy: 715-268-0070
  • For Programs for Change: 715-268-0060