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Doctors & specialties

Specialty care right around the corner

At Amery Hospital & Clinic, we bring big city medical care to the comfort and convenience of your hometown. Our team of top doctors and specialists provide comprehensive care for everything from pediatrics and primary care to a wide variety of medical specialties.

We strive to offer more to our patients – more care options, more comfort and more expertise. In addition to our hospital and clinics, we provide specialized care for patients at our Behavioral Health Center and Wound Healing Center. We also work in close collaboration with other hospitals in the HealthPartners health care system, giving you and your family access to the high-quality care you deserve, whenever you need it.

Specialized care for when you need it most

When you need specialized care, our experts are here to help. Whether you’re getting ready to welcome a new baby to your family or you need help managing a chronic illness, we’ll be there to offer the support and expertise you need.

Amery Hospital & Clinic specialty centers

We provide expert care at our specialty centers, including our Birth Center, Behavioral Health Center and Wound Healing Center.

Your family deserves the best care available. Our team at Amery Birth Center provides outstanding care throughout your pregnancy, delivery and beyond. From our private, comfortable Birthday Suites to our online parenting classes, we’ll help make sure you can have your birth, your way.

Your mental health is a huge part of your overall well-being. It’s hard to feel like ourselves when we feel anxious, depressed or are struggling with another mental condition. The team of board-certified therapists, psychiatrists and behavioral health experts at Amery Hospital & Clinic will assess your unique needs and create a treatment plan just for you. We provide outpatient therapy, inpatient treatment, our structured outpatient program (SOP), and treatment for alcohol and substance use through Programs for Change.

You don’t need to live with an open wound. Our team at the Wound Healing Center specializes in the treatment of chronic wounds. Causes and treatments of chronic wounds are complex, but we’ve helped thousands of patients heal. No matter how complex, we’ll find the best treatment for you.

Specialty departments

From cardiology to cancer care, orthopedics to occupational therapy, we can provide comprehensive care for you and your family. Our specialties include:

Cancer care

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to figure everything out on your own. Our team of cancer experts will be there every step of the way – developing a personalized care plan based on your needs and preferences, and seeing your treatment through to completion.

HealthPartners Cancer Care at Amery Hospital & Clinic is provided in collaboration with the Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin.  Because of this partnership, you’ll able to receive the treatments and support you need, all close to home.


A healthy heart is at the center of our overall well-being. At Amery Hospital & Clinic, we help heal, manage and prevent a wide range of heart conditions. Our patients are seen by cardiologists from Regions Hospital Heart Center, as well as by experienced members of our care team based in Amery.

Depending on your needs, we may perform diagnostic tests such as EKGs, electrocardiographs and stress tests. We also provide preventive, diagnostic and cardiac rehabilitation services using the latest advances in care.

Cardiopulmonary care

At Amery Hospital & Clinic, we provide specialized cardiopulmonary care for those who need treatment for cardiac and respiratory conditions. We offer a full range of cardiopulmonary services including cardiac stress testing, electrocardiograms (EKGs), cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation and more.

For more information about cardiac services, call 715-268-0291.

For more information about pulmonary services, call 715-268-0423.

Diabetes and nutrition

Diabetes is an endocrine disorder that makes it difficult for the body to produce or process insulin. This means that someone with diabetes is unable to properly break down sugars from the food they eat. We help you manage your diabetes through treatment, education and support.

Family medicine

Your family deserves the best treatment possible, and our skilled care team makes sure you get it. From pediatric care for kids from birth through age 18 to annual wellness visits and treatment for illnesses, we can care for your whole family. No matter your concern, we’ll help you feel better in no time.


Orthopedic medicine takes care of your muscles, joints, bones and your ability to move well. If a fall, sprain or other injury makes it hard to move, our expert orthopedic team at Amery Hospital & Clinic can help you recover. Your doctor will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that might include physical therapy, medicines or surgery. Amery Hospital & Clinic Orthopedic Services are provided in partnership with Twin Cities Orthopedics, which means we provide comprehensive surgical and nonsurgical care to help you return to daily activities.

Women’s health

Every woman’s health care needs change throughout her life. Whether you have questions about birth control, need a mammogram or just want to schedule your annual visit, we can help. Our team includes OB-GYNs, certified nurse midwives, family medicine doctors and other experts who specialize in women’s health. We provide comprehensive women’s health services, including family planning, cancer screenings, fertility and reproductive care, pelvic floor conditions and more.

Amery Partners

At Amery Hospital & Clinic, we’re able to bring a broad range of expert medical care to Amery and the surrounding community. We’re able to do this with the help of collaborating medical groups who work to provide comprehensive care for the community.

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A comprehensive system of care

Amery Hospital & Clinic is part of the HealthPartners health care system, which means you have access to the full array of HealthPartners care and services when you need them.