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Insurance through my employer

Your employer has partnered with HealthPartners. Here’s what you need to know.

HealthPartners insurance means great care and coverage

When you get HealthPartners insurance through your employer, you get great care and coverage together. That means you’ll have access to a network of great doctors wherever you go. You’ll also get an insurance plan that’s designed to be clear and easy to understand. And if you need support? We’ll be right there to help.

HealthPartners health insurance comes with lots of perks and benefits, too. You’ll get travel assistance for when the unexpected happens on vacation. And you’ll get discounts and savings on things your family uses daily – like eyewear, diapers and skin care products – plus much more.


I’m signing up for my health insurance

We get it – picking an insurance plan is a big decision. Learn how to choose the best medical insurance plan for your family. See the drug list and network of doctors, dentists and clinics. And check whether you’ll get the best deal when seeing your favorite doctor.

Get info about my options

I’m getting started with HealthPartners

We can help make the switch to HealthPartners easy. Member Services can answer questions about your plan. You can also get support for other things, like when you need care or a prescription refill before your new member ID card arrives in the mail.

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I’d like to manage my HealthPartners plan

As a HealthPartners member, logging onto your account is a great way to get clear information on your benefits. By logging on, you can also track your medical spending and find ways to lower the cost of care. Plan documents and information about your HSA, HRA or FSA are also available.

Get plan information and log on

I’m an employer

Want to give your employees access to great health care and insurance? Groups based in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa have many group insurance plans and other options to choose from. See the information and resources we have available.

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