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Medical and dental insurance

Be confident you have the coverage you need.

I get insurance through work

Your company teamed up with HealthPartners to give you access to affordable, high-quality care and health insurance.

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I’m an employer

I’m buying my own insurance

Everything you need to create the best plan for you and your family. Great care, medical insurance and dental insurance – all in one place.

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I’m interested in Medicare

Our Medicare plans include medical, dental and prescription drug coverage. You’ll also get a support team that’s with you every step of the way.

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Find a doctor who’s covered by my insurance

Logging on is the best way to see which doctors are in your network.

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Browse the HealthPartners networks

With HealthPartners insurance, you have access to more than 950,000 doctors and specialists across the country.

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Minnesota Health Care Programs

We offer HealthPartners Medical Assistance (Medicaid) plans that are funded through the state or federal government. These plans are available to you at low to no cost.

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