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Prescriptions mailed to me FAQ

How can I get my medicine in the mail?

If your prescription is already at HealthPartners, Park Nicollet or another pharmacy in our family of care, pick “mail to me” when refilling it. If you have HealthPartners pharmacy insurance, we’ll ask you if you want to use your mail order benefit.

Your doctor can send us your new prescriptions electronically. But you’ll have to call us to pay and to give us your mailing address.

If you want your prescription filled at a HealthPartners pharmacy, but it’s currently at a different pharmacy, like Walgreens or CVS, fill out the transfer a prescription form. If you want your prescription transferred to Park Nicollet or another pharmacy in our family of care, call us at one of these numbers. We’ll call the pharmacy to transfer your prescription to us.

How do I know if I have a HealthPartners Mail Order benefit?

To check your mail order benefits, visit You can also call Pharmacy Customer Service at 612-623-4002 or 800-591-0011.

Can I get a 90-day supply of my medicine?

Yes. If you use HealthPartners Mail Order, we’ll automatically increase your prescription to a 90-day supply if it’s an eligible medicine.

If you’re not using HealthPartners Mail Order, let us know if you want a supply that’s different from what your doctor prescribed.

How long does it take to get an order?

You’ll get your order within three to five business days after we get your order. For orders that require the pharmacy to contact your doctor or insurance company it usually adds one to two business days.

Do I have to pay for postage or handling?

No, there’s no charge for postage or handling.

Where do you mail prescriptions?

Prescriptions can be mailed to all 50 states and Washington, D.C. We may transfer, fill and ship your prescription at our delivery pharmacy. Orders can’t be shipped outside the U.S.

How are my prescriptions mailed?

Prescriptions are mailed in a plain unmarked package. They’re shipped first class via the U.S. Postal Service, but could be shipped via another delivery service if your order needs special handling. Some prescriptions may be filled and delivered from a central service pharmacy. Your order may arrive in multiple packages.

What days do you mail prescriptions?

Prescriptions are mailed Monday through Saturday to make sure you get them as soon possible. If your medicine needs refrigeration, we only mail those Monday through Thursday.

Orders are shipped and tracked with delivery confirmation. You’re required to sign for packages that contain certain controlled substances. Packages aren’t mailed on postal holidays.

Can I order medicines that need refrigeration?

Yes, medicines that need refrigeration are shipped in an insulated package with cold packs. Not all refrigerated items may be mailed. We’ll work with you if we can’t mail your medicine.

How do I pay for my order?

Payment in full is needed before we can ship your order. MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Amex are all accepted. FSA and HSA cards are also accepted. Cash and check aren’t accepted.

If you owe more than $150 for your medicine, we’ll contact you to confirm your order. Your order won’t ship unless you’ve agreed to the amount.

Can I return a prescription?

No, you can’t return a prescription for credit or a refund. It’s against the law for prescriptions to be returned for resale or reuse.


  • To save you money, this pharmacy will substitute whenever possible an FDA-approved, less expensive, generic drug product, which is therapeutically equivalent to and safely interchangeable with the medicine prescribed by your doctor, unless you object to this substitution.
  • Prescription dispensing information may be reported as required by state law to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. This information may be used by the state for program administration.
  • We may use a central service pharmacy to fill, package, label, and delivery prescriptions, or perform other services when necessary.
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