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Want to work with a Medicare insurance broker near you? We’ve made it easy to find an agent in your area. Below, you can find a specialist with the services and advice you need. There’s no cost to you to use a broker’s services.

Medicare brokers are state-licensed health insurance agents who specialize in all things Medicare – including Medicare Advantage plans, Cost plans, Supplement (Medigap) plans and more. These independent advisors have deep knowledge of all our Medicare plans, including information about benefits, coverage and how to apply. Through expert advice, your broker can help narrow down your search so you can find the right Medicare plan for what you need and how you live.

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Every day, we work with exceptional advisors who provide their Medicare clients with top-tier service and guidance. Our preferred brokers have proven experience with HealthPartners plans – they’re always ready to offer expert, friendly help so you can choose the best Medicare plan for you.

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Medicare insurance brokers in Iowa or Illinois are also available at HealthPartners UnityPoint Health.

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