Medicare Evidence of Coverage and Annual Notice of Changes

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When it comes to having a Medicare plan, the details are important. Two documents that are provided with your Medicare plan are your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) and Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC). You can use the detailed information in these documents to find answers to your questions about coverage, costs, changes to your Medicare plan and more.

What is a Medicare Evidence of Coverage (EOC)?

Your EOC explains what your Medicare plan covers, how much you can expect to pay for services and more. It’s a legal document that provides full, complete information about how your Medicare plan works.

Your EOC also includes:

  • Information about in- and out-of-network coverage rules
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a member
  • Your rights and responsibilities if you disenroll
  • Our rights and responsibilities if you disenroll

For MSHO members, the EOC is instead called a Member Handbook.

When you may need your EOC

After you sign up for a new Medicare plan, it’s a good idea to review the plan’s EOC. That way you’ll know the specifics of your plan, including the scope of your coverage and potential costs. Once you’ve read through your EOC, keep it with your other Medicare documents in case you have any questions.

What is a Medicare Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC)?

Sent in the fall of each year, your ANOC describes changes to your health plan's coverage, costs or administration for the upcoming year. These changes are effective starting in January. When you receive it, make sure you review it to know if there are any coverage changes that might affect you in the year to come.

Find your HealthPartners Medicare EOC and ANOC

If you’re not sure what kind of plan you have, check your plan documents or call Member Services at the number on the back of your member ID card.



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Last updated October 2023

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