Matrix Medical Network supports HealthPartners in providing care

In-home health assessments with Matrix Medical Network

HealthPartners engages with Matrix Medical Network to provide voluntary in-home health assessments to our members. A home health assessment will give you and your primary care doctor a comprehensive picture of your well-being and potential health risks.

You and your doctor will use the results of the assessment to make sure you’re getting the high-quality care you need. And the best part? The Matrix home health assessment is offered at no cost to you.

Matrix Medical Network phone calls

If you’re selected for an in-home health assessment, Matrix Medical Network will contact you. Matrix will send you a letter in the mail before calling you to set up an appointment (if a Matrix nurse practitioner has visited you in the past, you’ll only receive a phone call). You can also call the Matrix Medical Network scheduling center directly at 888-779-8978 (TTY 711) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What happens during a Matrix home health assessment?

During a home health assessment, a nurse practitioner will come to your home at your appointment time. They’ll talk with you about your health history, ask you questions and give you a check-up. If you’d like, your nurse practitioner can also talk with your family members and answer any questions they have about your health.

When you meet with your nurse practitioner, they’ll ask questions about your past cardiovascular, neurological, endocrine and respiratory health to get a better idea of your current overall health. They’ll also discuss your current lifestyle, living situation and any mental health concerns you may have.

Typically, the home assessment takes about 60-90 minutes. Once the assessment is complete, Matrix Medical Network will send the results to you and your primary care doctor.

What is Matrix Medical Network?

Matrix Medical Network is an experienced provider of in-home and facility assessment services for health plans across the country. They’ve provided health management services to at-risk people for over 20 years. HealthPartners works with Matrix Medical Network to assess health, close care gaps and enable our members to take charge of their well-being.

How do I know if I’ve been selected for a Matrix home health assessment?

If we think you might benefit from a home health assessment, you’ll receive a letter in the mail with more information about Matrix Medical Network, what to expect during the assessment and more.

Matrix will also give you a phone call to answer any questions you may have and help you schedule an appointment.

Why was I selected for a Matrix home health assessment?

The goal of the assessment is to provide a detailed picture of your current health so you and your doctor can plan how best to support your future health and well-being. We consider many factors to determine who may benefit from a home health assessment, including primary care visits and chronic conditions. Being chosen for a Matrix home health assessment doesn’t mean you’re sick or have health concerns. This is a voluntary program we offer to our members at no cost to you.