Extra perks for Medical Assistance (Medicaid) members

Good health is important. HealthPartners makes it easier with rewards and discounts.

Available to Prepaid Medical Assistance Program (PMAP), MinnesotaCare and Inspire (SNBC) plan members, these perks encourage healthy habits while keeping you and your family up to date with your health care.

Rewards for PMAP and MinnesotaCare plan members

Check in on your health and get resources to help reach your goals – all in 10 minutes or less – by taking our health assessment. Plus, if you are age 18 or older, you will earn $25 after the health assessment is complete.

Sign in to your online member account and then click “Go to Living Well” to get started. You can also call Member Services at 866-885-8880 (TTY 711) to get a paper copy of the assessment.

Get extra support for chronic and complicated health conditions like diabetes, asthma, heart disease and more. Our specially trained nurses and behavioral health specialists are here to help. Plus, when you complete three nurse calls for support with certain conditions, you may qualify for a $25 gift card.

Learn more by calling our condition support specialists at 800-871-9243 (TTY 711).

Receive a $25 gift card when your child has received one of the following:

  • Babies – Recommended series of vaccines by their second birthday
  • Preteens ages 11-12 – Meningococcal, HPV and Tdap immunizations

Once your clinic lets us know that your child has received their shots, you will get your gift card in the mail within eight to 10 weeks. For more details, call Member Services at 866-885-8880 (TTY 711).

Learn how to use a car seat the right way, and you will get a convertible car seat or booster seat at no cost to you. This program is for PMAP and MinnesotaCare plan members who are at least 6 months pregnant or have children ages 8 and younger.

For more information, download our car seat program flyer (PDF). To get started, call Member Services at 866-885-8880 (TTY 711). We will help you find a car seat education provider near you.

Keep your kids healthy and happy with tips from your own personal coach. Find ways to encourage your kids to be active, eat healthier, sleep better and more. Plus, you can earn $75 after completing three coaching calls.

Call 800-311-1052 (TTY 711) to get started.

Kids with good dental habits can grow into adults with healthy smiles and bodies. Children ages 1 through 9 living in greater Minnesota can get started with an oral health kit.

When your child has their annual preventive dental visit, your clinic will let us know. Then, we will send the kit to you, along with a $15 gift card. (Limited to one kit and reward for each child in their lifetime.)

Rewards for Inspire (SNBC) plan members

Get a $25 gift card when you complete your annual physical. To get your gift card, have your doctor, nurse or clinic staff member sign this annual physical voucher (PDF) and mail it to us.

Get a $25 gift card when you have a doctor-recommended screening for cervical cancer. Speak with your doctor about when you should have your next screening. To get your gift card, ask your doctor, nurse or clinic staff member to sign this cervical cancer screening voucher (PDF) and mail it to us.

Additional rewards for PMAP, MinnesotaCare and Inspire (SNBC) plan members

Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant? Our Healthy Pregnancy program can provide one-on-one support at no cost. In addition to 24/7 nurse support, you can get access to important information on our Healthy Pregnancy website, personalized emails and tips texted to your phone.

Plus, you can get up to two $25 gift cards for joining our Healthy Pregnancy program. Get the first gift card by signing up for pregnancy support by email or phone. Then get the second gift card when you complete the program.

To get started, sign in to your online member account and take our Healthy Pregnancy assessment.

As a new mom, it is important to take care of yourself as you care for your baby. Complete your postpartum visit three to eight weeks after your baby is born, and you can get a $25 gift card.

You can get the checkup at your clinic or have a public health nurse visit you at home. Just have your doctor, nurse or clinic staff member sign this new mom checkup voucher (PDF). Then mail us the completed voucher to get your gift card.

We offer programs that make it affordable to stay active and healthy.

  • Active&Fit Direct™ – Get access to more than 10,000 fitness centers nationwide. After a one-time $25 enrollment fee (plus tax), pay only $25 a month.
  • GlobalFit Gym Network 360 – Pay less to get fit at more than 8,000 gyms and fitness studios. You can also join nutrition and weight loss programs and get discounts on vitamins, supplements and more.

To find out more about these programs, sign in to your online member account. You can also call Member Services at 866-885-8880 (TTY 711).

Get discounts on eyewear, exercise equipment and more. Just show your member ID card at participating retailers.