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Are you pregnant or planning a pregnancy?

You may be eligible for free, one-on-one support before, during and after your pregnancy.

Have a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and anxiety for most parents-to-be. That’s why Healthy Pregnancy is here, providing personal, one-on-one nurse support. We’ll help make sure you and your baby are healthy.


Can I get individual help?

If you have HealthPartners insurance, you may be eligible for one-on-one support before, during and after your pregnancy. Your eligibility depends on whether your employer offers Healthy Pregnancy. Log on to see if it’s available to you and if you qualify. Healthy Pregnancy help includes:

  • 24/7 support from a nurse
  • Personalized digital experience to answer benefit questions, select in-network providers, and access customized tips, reminders, articles and recommendations throughout your pregnancy
  • Personalized emails at key milestones highlighting relevant resources
  • Weekly text tips

Take the Healthy Pregnancy assessment

Online resources

Whether you’re planning a pregnancy or you’re pregnant, we’re here to help. Choose where you’re at to get the right support for you.

What should I know before I get pregnant?

Planning a pregnancy

How can I keep myself and baby healthy?

Early pregnancy

What should I expect during labor and after baby arrives?

Approaching birth and beyond

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